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6 Ways to Help Your Partner Eat Healthier Without Being Pushy


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Over the years I've tried many methods recommended by both my friends and family but none of them seemed to work out for me until I chanced upon this holy grail where I've lost almost 33 pounds in just 1 month trying it out! I can now fit in dresses two sizes down and receive many compliments from not only my lovely husband, but colleagues and girlfriends about how great I look right now! I'm here to share with you guys because I am really thankful and hope someone who also needs this can experience similar results as me! Here is the link to my holy grail method! Report
good tips Report
It's all good on paper, Right? Report
I think we definitely influence each other in good ways. I need more hours with you
We spent everyday Report
Some things I never thought about....great advice! Report
This time around on Spark, I am tracking calories and my hubby is paying attention to the numbers. Since we eat very similarly, he is surprised at the total count. I haven't always had "perfect" days lately, but I am slowly making adjustments to hit my target range. It's eye-opening for him, and just brings an overall awareness. Neither of us belittle the other over weight issues, etc. Sometimes we express loving concern, which is generally received well. We've been exercising more even in the cold weather to lose these extra winter pounds. I think we definitely influence each other in good ways and bad. But now it's time to make better choices again, together. Report
Best way to watch what you eat, is grocery shop yourself and don't let tempting foods into the house. That way there is NO excuse to eat the bad stuff. Report
I wish somebody had done this for me before I joined Spark People. Report
There some ideas that really helped Report
My husband says he has already lived longer than he expected to & has no intention of changing. His eating habits now are terrible & his health which was quite good is now slipping. It does make it harder for me but I just ignore him & eat what I prefer. Keep the fresh produce coming! Report
When I prepare meals I make them healthy and my husband will eat them and enjoy them but if it is his choice he would not eat healthy and I chose to do not chose to fight that battle. Report
I practice a healthy lifestyle (mostly), and my husband watched me over time, saw results and (without comment), followed my lead, tried it and liked it. It has to be HIS idea though. I would never suggest or nag. I am SO grateful he made these changes. Report
Thanks Report
My husband doesn't need to lose weight and seemingly doesn't give two hoots about whether or not his Haagen Dazs and fried Cheetos are around to tempt me. Report
Great hints Report

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