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10 More Tips for Your Wellness Journey

Easy Ways to Get Healthy


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All great tips. Report
This was a good article. Today I was feeling some stress and actually did a couple of these tips. It helped get my mind off my stressors. Report
interesting article and comments Report
Good tips! Report
Wonderful advice. Report
All very good advice and things we should already be aware of. But reminders are always good!!! Report
Really this is just a list of how to live. As for clutter, some expert psychologists now agree, when it's chronic it is a sign of creativity that may be stifled in an employment situation, at home, or in a relationship. While a blank flat space may be easier to notice & therefore dust or clean, it is an opportunity to fill w/ things one loves or that are urgent to have close by in that moment. Geniuses too often have extremely disorganized work spaces because their minds are constantly busy w/ important ideas. So sorry that SP never has an articles on that perspective. Report
Good 😊 info Report
Awesome....thanks... Report
I really like this article, very helpful information. Report
I'm on this road for the rest of my life. - Dennis Banks (Ojibwa) ~ #Commit 4/24/18 Report
Great tips very helpful Report
I need to work on the clutter around me. GREAT ARTICLE Report
Great apart from the chewing gum. I absolutely can't stand the stuff! Report

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