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Outdoor Exercisers: Get Closer to Nature

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Great information. Report
Great. Report
Thank you! Report
Oh, wow! I suspected that but didn't know for sure it was so bad. Thanks a lot. Report
Great tips! Thank you. Report
Great tips! Thank you. Report
I sure notice that when I walk here in Toronto, and I am just as sure that walking in Hawaii does us a world of good. That's why we drive to the Ontario lakeshore here. It’s the air. Report
I am one that loves to walk out doors, so thanks for the info Report
I don't know how I can avoid the traffic here in Miami. I'm going to think about this. Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks Report
I love walking outdoors and where I live I have lots of places to go that are out of the fumes. Report
Outside is my favorite place to exercise! So far, icy weather has been my only deterrent, and we don't have much of that here usually. My daily walks help keep me sane and centered! I just layer clothes on cold weather. Report
I always felt that exercising (walking, running, biking) next to heavy traffic could not be good for your lungs. Report

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