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Defend Yourself Against Diet Saboteurs!

Are Your Friends and Family Making You Fat?


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It's not always me who buys the junk Report
Especially liked the last point about being a grown up. Great article. Thanks! Report
Great article. Report
Zippydoodle, what a saboteur!! I almost feel sorry for someone who would do such a thing Report
My wife is the poster child! Report
Thank you. I have had to learn to avoid certain family members, and it is sad, but I need to be healthy. More than winning anyone's approval. It can be done. Report
My sister looks like a stick. Doesn't understand Report
Great, helpful info! Thank you! Report
I had a "friend" come visit from out of town. She was SO AMAZED that I had lost 110 pounds in 11 months that she took me to dinner and deliberate ordered an extra plate of food (about 1000 calories) and informed me that she was full so I "had to eat this" extra plate of food. When I didn't. She had it put in a to go container and left it in my car. It was just vicious and so blatantly calculated. I haven't seen her since. When I stopped speaking to her, she sent me an email slamming me for being so cruel to her. Was I wrong? Report
Yep. I'm the one buying the junk. I need to eat more like an adult. Report
Thank You...…………. Report

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