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Read This Before Starting a Low-Carb Diet


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thank you Report
interesting article and comments Report
I think that along with diets that are very restrictive like raw fruit diet and some very restrictive vegan diets are not healthy. I have seen on You Tube, otherwise healthy young and some older people adopting these diets when they do not even need to. If they just ate a healthy balanced diet, they probably would be okay but they are making themselves sick, virtually starving themselves, ending up looking very emaciated, it is terrible what they are doing to themselves, losing teeth, hair, getting sunken eyes when they are still in their twenties, I know people love animals but you do not make yourself sick to save an animal, we were given the right to eat them, I also think the carnivore diet is unhealthy, where are the vegetables? why exclude them? Also I read the China Study some years ago, and really did not understand why the book said that people in China did not eat meat, that is crazy, they have been eating meat for thousands of years and lived long lives. Our lives are so different from the way we lived even a 100 years ago, people were a lot more active, and there was basically no convenient or fast food options, that did not become widely popular till the 1950`s. People really cooked at home more and exercised with just daily living, I do not like it when the truth is not told and someone just pick what they want to hear or say for their own means, the recipes that are traditional to people of a lot of countries have been around for centuries and people were eating meat and seafood, they may not have been eating as much as we eat now but they ate them, it is a complete lie to say that in China people did not eat meat, they have eaten meat, poultry and seafood for centuries, really, that frustrates me, the lies Report
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Excellent information. Ketogenic programs do not acknowledge this . The speed of weight loss is hugely appealing but while I believe the North American diet needs a tune up, My gut tells ne this is not the way. Call me anti keto ... Report
Thanks for sharing this great information. I will certainly bookmark this information, so I can use moving forward!!! Report
Good information! Report
I worry about people who go on super-low-carb diets. They may lose weight quickly, but my understanding is that it's difficult for them to maintain their new weight. Report
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Thank you Report
Thank you for the great info about carbs and how they relate in balanced nutrition. Much appreciated! Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for the info! Report
I think that although this was very informative, everyone loses weight different. I have been living a Keto lifestyle and I lost 50 lbs. I still have i still have 60 lbs to go. I haven’t been able to lose weight since my daughter was born 19 years ago. Keto plus exercise has been a saving grace. Report

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