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7 Workout Ideas for the Couple Who Sweats Together


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My fiance and I enjoy biking, easy hiking, walking and sailing together. Unfortunately he works a lot so we don't get to do those things together often. We both workout at the Y and share our workouts with each other. It definitely helps to have a partner who supports my health goals, sometimes even more than I do! Report
When I first started working out and eating clean it was difficult for me to enjoy social outings...what with the drinking and eating and sitting on your butt socializing..My bf and I (BF is preskennedy on here) haved evolved into a more active lifestyle together. We go for runs, bike rides and while he works out at his mothers I run the treadmill and do some strength training and cardio on the IO cable box. I've found that biking really has been his favorite and we do that often when the weather permits :0) And I think mini golf and bowling as a sub for movies are great...just stay away from the concessions..pack a orville redenbackers 100 calorie 98% fat free bag with you in a big purse and a few waters ;op

Also the wii fit is a fun family way to get ina bit of excersize. And I cant wait til the pool is open!! We will really enjoy having some swimming races I think. See if my training has paid off this year :0) Great way for couples to bond...

Stay Healthy
Lori Anne :0) Report
My husband loves bicycling! When we married, I joined him in bicycling around the local trails in northern Virginia. The only problem was that I was frustrated because I just couldn't keep up with him -- he's way stronger than I am. He found the perfect solution: tandem bicycling! He found a used tandem bike on-line, we test rode several models before hand, and bought our tandem almost seven years. It has completely changed the biking experience for me! We stay together while riding, we can easily talk with each other, and when a little extra is needed for that hill, we both kick in with combined strength. We love it and try to ride at least a couple times a week. We're planning a ten-day biking vacation in August! Report
This is a great article... i just wish i could get my lazy boyfriend out the house! lol Report
That's true! My and my boyfriend love to hike and geocaching together. It really brings us together and is also a great workout. Specially because we can encourage each other. Report
Every evening my husband and I workout he is kind of my trainer and he looks forward to weights training. He pushes me and I am realy happy about that. Report
My boyfriend and I make Workout Dates, and go for walks 3-6 miles. It's a date I look forward to the most. Report
Its amazing how much more you talk when you walk together. Report
My husband and I just joined a Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) class together and our 8 year old son goes to a kid's class at the same time. It's wonderful, because we both get a really good workout, at our own level, and we spend two hours a week together, when we probably would be watching tv, or just trying to get some stuff done around the house. It's great! Report
I love exercising with my partner! It does all te things mentioned in this article and more! We are closer, more in tuned to each other and very proud of the progress we have made together. I think all couples should try it. Report

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