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How to Choose a Jogging Stroller

Features Worth Paying For


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thanks for sharing Report
Thanks Report
Thank you for the information. Report
Most new parents who have a passion for keeping fit will always tell you that the biggest challenge to this has nothing to do with not getting the required sleep when exercise is required, but to keep their child entertained while running. You can get your bag filled with toys and diapers, which meant be lost on the trail or perhaps you can consider going smart by buying jogging stroller with speakers to keep your child entertained when you achieve your fitness goal at the same visit...........
ogging-strollers-with-speakers/ Report
We have a baby trend. It is one of the cheapest you can get and it is great! Highly recommend. Report
I have to disagree with the comment about the swivel wheel. I have the above mentioned "hybrid" stroller (Schwinn Turismo) with a front wheel that swivels and locks into place, however, I never lock the wheel. It's much easier to maneuver when it's in the swivel mode and I never feel like it's out of control when I'm running (I never run fast enough for that to be a problem! haha!!)
I'm incredibly happy with our Schwinn jogging stroller. I only ever use it for jogging or if we're going to an outdoor activity (zoo, park, etc) simply because it's really heavy and quite large to drive around in a mall or store setting. I would highly recommend it! Report
Great article. Report
@Sandibetts: It's better to just let your son live his life instead of assuming he's going to get married and have kids. Not all of us do so, and live healthy, happy lives as well.

Thank goodness my parents didn't have those kinds of designs on me, and were supportive when I told them that I had chosen not to have children and that I wasn't too keen on marriage either. Just sayin'. Report
jog not job Report
As a new father back in 1988 I had the where with all to strap my daughter into her stroller and I decided to try and job with a 4 wheeled stroller. At some point the two front wheels went sideways causing me to go over the top of the stroller and my daughter hanging upside down strapped in staring at me lying on the ground. Thank God I had her strapped in as small as the strap was. Report
My baby is nearing his fourth decade (38), however, this is good info to share when the wife and grandbabies come. sbb Report
I have an InStep Flash and love it!! It's bright orange and has reflective lights on it--great for running in the early morning!! Mine also has a parentttray which I use to keep the kid's sippie cup and my keys in. I looked at a few models with child-trays as well, but didn't feel it was necessary, but it might be an added bonus if your kid likes to drink a lot while you're running. The only downfall of mine is that the canopy doesn't actually move; it folds in/up and out/down, but it doesn't actually move so if we're running head on into the sun, it's really not helpful even if it's in the open-most position. We just fix that by wearing sunglasses, but that is definitely a feature I wish mine had! Report
I also wanted to say that we live in a northern city and I use my jogging stroller very happily walking on ice and through light snow. It is only once the snow is about 6" - 12" deep that I start to run into problems. And to think I was reluctant to spend the money in the first place! Report
We have a Bob Revolution and I would highly recommend it. For the past 2 years I have used it every day for at least an hour of walking, plus we jog with it. It rolls well, has all the features recommended in the article, and has stood up to our wear and tear. Here in Canada it is around the $400 mark, but in the US these things are typically significantly cheaper.
Happy jogging, everyone! Report
Two points I'd add to this article.

Combination jog strollers and bike trailers are available and are an excellent choice for people who also cycle.

24" wheeled jog strollers are available and will roll smoother and more efficiently than 20" wheels. I've looked for 700c wheeled strollers but haven't found any. Report

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