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Sensitive Skin Solutions

Itching for a Way to Resolve Your Skin Problems?


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Good info...thank you!! Report
Good article. Report
Allergy and asthma is my worst...It gets me so depressed and my meds too
good info Report
DId not have in my 20’s or even 40’s. I do now have very sensitive skin and even uneven skin tones at weird times. Report
DId not have in my 20’s or even 40’s. I do now have very sensitive skin and even uneven skin tones at weird times. Report
Thanks for the information. Report
I have a lot of sensitivities and about 40 years ago began formulating my own face wash from some pretty simple ingredients. Report
I recently visited a dermatologist to have testing done for metals and glues that might cause me a problem when I have knee replacement surgery. When that was completed the doctor asked if I had any other questions. I have had acne since I was 9 years old. It always improved when I had the pregnancy glow, five times. Now however, I'm 70 and still having some issues with my skin. He told me that I should use Head and Shoulders on my face and to leave the suds on for 5 minutes. Any type of Head and Shoulders has helped since I started following his recommendation. It has lessened the redness and the size of my zits as we called them in high school. The dry patchy areas on my cheeks are better too.To think I used to have excessive oil and now I have dryness. The wonders of aging! Report
Been protecting my face from sun all summer--sun can do a lot of damage Report
Dd has severe contact dermatitis and eczema. Full body. Sensitive skin is a big deal. Report
Thanks Report
My mom had rosacea and was in a flare when I moved her in with me. I found a cream that worked wonders, but it is a local product. It is a lavender body butter with hydrosol in it. It is completely natural and contains no chemicals. I love it for myself too! It actually helps to prevent blistering if I burn myself. The lavender oil is a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal. I buy bottles of hydrosol to use on my pets to help with fleas and itchy skin. It is also really nice in the summer. Not only does it help me feel cooler, but it keeps the mosquitos away from me! Report
This was a very informative article. Unfortunately, several people in my family have several different types of skin problems and allergies. :(

My older sister has rosacea and Vitiligo. By her own description, she looks like a drunk raccoon when she isn't wearing make-up. She has a circle of no pigmentation around her eyes but her lower cheeks and nose are red from the rosacea. She also has no pigment on most of her hand and the tops of her feet. She is also severely allergic to latex.

My twin brother also has vitiligo and several other skin allergies. He won't follow through with the treatments so the other conditions won't go away.

My daughter has contact dermatitis and is allergic to most types of antibiotics.

I also have rosacea, contact dermatitis and a latex allergy. I'm so sensitive to latex that I can smell it if it's the same room as me and start to get choked up. I'm also wondering what types of "affordable" treatments people have done for rosacea? I've tried all the over the counter stuff and one prescribed med and nothing has really made any difference. I don't drink or eat spicy foods. Report
I'd like to see more article concerning women of color (Latina, African American, etc) since these types tend to react differently from mainstream written skin. Report

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