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Protecting Your Back

Use Proper Body Mechanics for Back Protection


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Thank you! Report
Thank you Report
Thanks so much! Report
Thanks Report
The only problem is when the knees can't take the stress. It becomes a vicious cycle: joints hurt, less exercise, more weight gain. And more weight puts added stress on those painful joints. Slow and steady...... Report
remember to bend at the knees is the hardest. I am saying this out loud now. Report
Guess I never thought about how I get out of bed and my back. I will remember these tips. Report
Protect my back at the expense of my knees! Report
I need to have this where I constantly see it or memorize it! Report
Great information Report
Good advice for saving the back Report
My knees would not like most of this anymore, wondering if I hadn’t been doing this if my knees would be better now Report

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