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Allergy Tips for Every Season

Don't Let Symptoms Prevent You from Enjoying the Weather


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Great tips Report
Good information, thanks Report
Great information Report
Very informative, thank you! Report
Some good new ideas I hadn't thought of. Report
I was born w/ allergies & 2019 was a banner year for me. Hubby & I traveled to OK in May & after a day outdoors in the wet woods, developed some rather intense symptoms. Despite snow & rain (plus a sandstorm) on the way back to CA, it turned into a severe problem. 4 months of Rx, allergy pills & nasal spray 2x daily followed since it's likely I fit 2 or 3 categories above. I was also beginning serious house cleaning & decluttering.
We have since removed the wall to wall carpeting & replaced w/ vinyl laminate. So much easier to keep clean. We do have a couple rugs & I'm looking for new replacements materials that provide sound insulation, warmth & cushioning w/o trapping allergens. Lots to consider when we get to our new home! Report
thanks for the tips Report
Thanks.. helps me to understand DH and DS's problems more. Report
Good article. Report
good info good article. some still won't listen!!! Report
Thank you so much what an eye opener Report
Absolutely great Report
Great tips! Report
Thanks...will definitely use this... Report

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