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The Causes of Allergies

Most Factors are Out of Your Control


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This certainly answered some questions that I had. Report
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Yes, we have allergies in my family. I developed an allergy to allergy shots. More specifically to a pretty common human antigen I don't have. That makes vaccines and flu shots a major problem. My maternal grandfather basically died from allergies. He developed pneumonia secondary to allergies in a time when there there were no allergy shots, no real antibiotic selection or antihistamine tablets during the WW II black out period my mother remembers from her fairly early childhood when her father was so sick before he died. His ancestry was Norman French & Viking (yes, we traced back to a pirate) with some Blackfoot. Report
I was born w/ eczema & grew up on a farm w/ all types of animals including cattle, horses, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, geese & rabbits plus a fawn & raccoon, some as pets. I was always allergic to dairy products - milk, cottage cheese, sour cream etc. Animal dander was a huge problem. Not only did I not outgrow it, allergies to ragweed & grasses intensified. A move to the west coast was okay but going slightly inland to a farm area meant that tree pollen aggravated them. I took allergy shots & used raw local honey but there are no cures. I'm not sick often but when I do catch something, my respiratory system causes most of the suffering. Being adopted I was not breastfed but I don't think they really know all the causes, just glad I don't have asthma. I do know my Polish Russian birthmother had no allergies, and no medical history from the Danish father was available to me.🐨 Report
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This article was very informative!!! Report
Good article. Report
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My experience has been that it is possible to outgrow childhood allergies, especially with treatment, but you might remain susceptible to developing new ones. I received weekly allergy shots for 10 years starting at age two, and completely overcame my allergies to pets and pollen. However, in my late 30s, I developed the alpha-gal "red meat" allergy. Report
Great information. Report
Very informative! Thanks! Report
They are not fun! .. thanks for the article. Report
Allergies can really wreck yer day! Report

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