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The Buzz on Honey

The Good-for-You Sweetener


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WOW...good to know...thanks!! Report
I use local honey for the taste and for helping with my allergies. I put in my morning coffee. Love the taste!! Report
We use honey as a sweetener every day. Thanks for the detailed information. Report
love honey! thanks for the information Report
Honey is predigested, so it is basically bacteria free. It doesn't rot in your cupboards. It might look crystallized, but just warm it up and it goes back to being honey. Report
love honey. Report
love honey. Report
I see some people use sugar free honey. I never heard of it. Not even sure what it could be. Report
Perfect timing! I was just adding honey to my tea. Great article! Report
Great article. Thanks. Report
We raise honey bees, they are very fascinating. A forager bee lives about 21 days and brings in less than a quarter tsp of honey during that time. Report
Honey really is good for you I love raw honey Report
thank you Report
Thanks Report
Great info! Report

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