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The Parody of Adele's "Hello" to End All Parodies


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CKOUDSI617 7/31/2020 12:34:16 AM
So much talent! I could watch and listen to this every day! Still makes me laugh, and we all need that right now! :)
BTRFLYDOG 7/19/2020 7:22:34 PM
That was absolutely brilliant!
YENRUOJ 7/5/2020 7:44:53 AM
That was cute, got a laugh.
DEBBRALE 6/3/2020 11:40:43 PM
Love it!
CONNIE10071961 6/2/2020 3:55:14 PM
Wow, it sounds like me!!!!!
CONNIE10071961 6/2/2020 3:55:06 PM
Wow, it sounds like me!!!!!
CD25388307 5/30/2020 4:41:27 PM
I could watch this 1000 times!! I have seen it before but I love it so much! The best!!
CECTARR 5/30/2020 1:10:52 PM
NAYPOOIE 5/30/2020 12:57:58 PM
Love it!
CBRINKLEY401 5/30/2020 11:21:43 AM
After you're done watching this, be sure to check out their other parody "Eating My Feelings"!
DARLAE1 5/30/2020 3:35:33 AM
They had me rolling. I had to watch a couple times!
DIANEDOESSMILES 5/30/2020 12:14:21 AM
This is one of the first parody's that I saw and I LOVE IT!! A friend and I did this at karaoke and people where laughing so HARD!! We were trying to NOT to until the end of the song, at that point we totally LOST IT!! Funnier when someone passed us a brownie!! We ATE IT TOO!!
MARGOTBL 2/26/2020 5:35:54 PM
I Love the "Hello" Parody. Adele is one of my favorite vocalists. This was very funny and a great pick me up for the day. Very Creative!!
SHARON6711 1/28/2020 9:29:38 AM
So clever I luv It.
SPARKPEOPLE1951 1/15/2020 12:06:47 PM
Love this so funny. My hubby even enjoyed

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