New and Improved Nutrition Tracker Available

We are very happy to announce enhancements to our most popular feature, our Nutrition Tracker. We made the process more streamlined by including all the food search on one page, and we added some new features and shortcuts (while preserving everyone's favorite current features).

What Changed?
The main change is that our food search box is now included right on the main Nutrition Tracker page, versus clicking to go to a popup. Just type your food into the search box and your results will appear below. You can still do things like filter results, add from favorites, manually enter foods, and everything you can do from the popup.

Can I Still Use the Old Food Tracker?
Yes! While you will see the new search box on your Nutrition Tracker page, if you look to the right of the page you'll see a button that reads "Add a Food (Old Popup Version)". This will bring up the Food Tracker you've used in the past. A screenshot is below:

What's New?  Better Favorites and Groupings Functionality

In addition to including the food search box right on the main page, we also streamlined how our Favorites and Food Groupings work. Now when you click Favorites or Groups from the main page, you can check a box to add items, meaning you can choose and enter multiple Favorites or Groupings at the same time! From talking to members, we know this will be a big time saver.

In addition. when viewing your Favorites you can now type in a search box to filter your Favorites. We know many members have lots of Favorites so this will be another time saver. You can see a screenshot of the new Favorites functionality here:

We believe these enhancements will be helpful both to our current and future members. As always, we thank everyone for their support of SparkPeople!
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