An Overview of the SparkPeople Community

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Member Comments

Thanks! Report
Is there a overview of how to use the app. Report
this video does not show mobile app. there is a button for reply and a comment box does not open, tried using the plus sign before and after.??
this is in community. Report
I join back in August but was not logging into the site. I've missed allot. Really good info on Health. Ill be connecting more on this spark people. Report
I have reposted this introductory video to facebook and I hope it motivates other people! Report
Is an excellent overview of sparks... I have been a member since 2011....... I cannot even begin to say how much pleasure Sparks has brought me.... It just keeps getting better! Report
I've been a sparker since 3-16-12 haven't missed a day! This is A GREAT video for newbies & people who have been here awhile. I have learned things I didn't know before! Thanks for the refresher course! Report
i really like how they show us new member on how to get around the spark page, Report
Wonderful resource for newbies (and folks like me who REALLY ought to read the instructions more often :-) ) Report
This is a great video! It is so very helpful! Thanks! ;) Report
Very helpful. Report
I just joined last week and these videos has been a great help to me Thanks so much!! Report
I am new..This was very helpful :) Report
Hello 2014 and Goodbye old me.Fabulosity here I come:-) Report
Learn something once again Today from Spark. Report