10-Minute Crunchless Core Workout

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This Pilates-inspired workout will help you tone your abs without a single crunch!

Member Comments

This one is painful for my toes. I flattened out my toes. I still got the core workout. Report
Always good. Report
So of course I begin this challrnge and I pull my back out. Not on the exercises of course. Bending down to pick up a towel! Ugh! I will have to start all over in a week or two.
Thanks Nicole! Remember doing this more than 10 years ago - in another world, another life. Difficult but great to be back- with memories to boot! Report
Wow! with only 10 minutes and a mat - after a day with 500 minutes of tracked activity this found some muscles I did not fully work out earlier. Mahalo. Report
it was hard but could do most of them Report
ouch! Report
Thanks Report
This was a tough one for me--I want to bookmark this so I can monitor my progress. Good workout. Report
It only looks easy (lol). A great 10 minute workout indeed!! Report
Did her other seated routine. Report
Great video. Report
Leaning back like that was hard Report
I had to add some extra padding for my buttocks. I gain my weight all in the front. It was a good work out. Report
great routine! I'm so much excited to see the results. I want to follow 30 day challenge found while searching. Anyways thanks. Here is the link to a 30 day challenge the other day.
gut-challenge/ Report