For more than 10 years, SparkPeople has blended the science of behavior change, fun and motivation to create the perfect formula to help users adopt healthy habits, reach new goals and achieve their ultimate best life.

SparkPeople provides the tools, content and community support to help people make significant lifestyle changes that lead to long-term, sustainable, healthy living habits.

80% Female /
20% Male
Median Age: 40
$75K+ 60%
$100,000+ 43%

6.9 MM+
Unique visitors per month
App unique visitors per month
App screen views per month
App visits per month
91% seek new ways to live healthier

88% check nutrition info and ingredients before purchasing

85% frequently engage in physical activity

81% encourage others to live healthier

77% likely to purchase new brands of food in the next 6 months

77% participate in our interactive challenges

77% of users tell others about SparkPeople


Anchor promotional partner for Meta rebranding of new multi-health line, featuring a live (digital and events-based) sampling and education program to create engagement and motivate buyers to go in-store for purchase.


Increase awareness of PAM as an aid in living a healthy lifestyle by reaching consumers through the 30-Day Small Successes Challenge, targeted video and display and a Picture Perfect with Pam curated recipe center.


SparkInspiration custom native editorial series with goal setting and action plans with promotion throughout site and apps, overlay units and video promotion.


Drove loyalty and brand advocacy with a takeover of our popular Community Feed and native content created around living a dairy-free lifestyle.


Integration and promotion of engaging Eggland's Best brand recipes, native editorial content featured across desktop and mobile, 30-Day Better Nutrition Challenge and high-impact overlay units and custom video.


Educated members on the benefits of the Jenny Craig Real Results program with a weight loss content center, native content and mobile tips, dedicated emails and the Jenny Craig 30-Day Secrets to Success Challenge.


Created the the FitFusion & SparkPeople 28-Day Check-In Challenge which featured four weeks of free, full-length, FitFusion on-demand videos to for members looking to learn more about health and fitness and be eligible for prizes.


Utilized our first-party data audience targeting to target users who were actively seeking health and wellness information featuring Nature's Way Herbs.


Built custom, interactive, team community challenges featuring athlete integration, local sponsors, social activation, video, daily emails and more.


SparkPeople offers a white-labeled, digital brand experience to engage users through content, tools and community features.

Atkins Atkins Atkins

  • Proprietary programming solutions
  • Socially-enabled, customizable software
  • Experts in behavior change using fitness and nutrition as a springboard for setting goals
  • Branded distribution platform for incentives, promotions, challenges and brand connections
  • Add more value to brand loyalty and passion
  • Seasonal promotions and athlete highlights
  • High-touch engagement with current and new fans, email and database development

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