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January 2021: I am on two Dietbets again. Back on the daily tracking! One is six month transformer and the other is just this month of Jan. The month is half over and tax season is already kicking my butt!!

December 2020: Time is flying by! Covid is sill an issue in many people's lives. I am still working but trying to be cautious. Need to step up my workout game (as usual)

October 2020: Oops where did September go?! I started a Dietbet two days ago!

August 2020: I need to take control of my life! I was doing good then fell off the wagon again. Life has been pretty crazy for a while now. I decided I can't keep making excuses and being lazy. I am 35 now and feel unhealthy again.

July 2020: This pandemic is really messing with my mental health. My Father has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer (Feb 2020) and already has Emphysema and COPD. My parent's dog passed away a few weeks ago and it has been really hard on me. So much is going crazy in the world and I am trying to get through it the best I can. The tax day changed to the day after my Birthday. It has been so weird doing taxes for this long when it was supposed to be over months ago...

April 2020: Everyone is affected by COVID-19 in some way. I am trying my best to stay healthy and away from the virus.

March 2020: 43 days left of tax season! Woo! I won my second month of the 6-month DietBet Transformer. It is getting harder to lose weight now because I am still not exercising much. I have been tracking my food every day though. I got this, I just need to keep pushing forward.

February 2020: Here we go again. Another month! I tracked my food every day in Jan and I won my DietBets. I still have 5 months left on the one. I know I can keep making better choices!

January 2020: Hey! I joined 3 DietBets. Two 4-week bets and one 6-month bet! I have been pretty good with tracking my food. I have been keeping up with cutting out the "bad snacks" for now. I need to add some kind of exercise to my daily routine though. I cancelled my gym membership months ago because I wasn't going.

October 2019: So I did beat my DietBet but then I slacked off again. I really need to figure out how to move more! I don't have a gym membership anymore. I wish I had more motivation to walk by myself at night. It is starting to get darker earlier now! It is still pretty warm, so my husband doesn't want to walk with me too often. I always feel like I am harassing him to go with me so I ask him less. I just need to keep moving instead of being lazy!!

July 2019: For my Birthday, I am joining a dietbet!!! I need to keep moving forward!

May 2019: Trying to get back on track! I am doing more walking and trying to make better food choices!

April 2019 - Actually is is 4/29/19 and almost May. I have been off of my diet and workout routine. I need to get back into a better routine!!!

August 2018: Time is still flying by!!!! My Dad has had a lot of health problems since June. It is getting me stressed and really upset. I have no motivation but I am trying to get back on track! I canceled WW because it wasn't helping me enough.

June 2018: oh boy Where have I been? Time is flying by. Tax season finally ended and May flew by! I have been slacking on the WW lately which stinks because I am paying for it. I need to move my butt more!!!

March 2018: Tax season has been super busy.... people quitting. Oi! I started WW 2 weeks ago. I lost 7 lbs so far. Once I have more free time after tax season, I need to get to the gym again. I mean, I have been paying for it!!!!!

Jan & Feb 2018: WOW 2018! I basically missed all of January - tax season has kept me busy already. I have one week left of a dietbet! I gotta keep moving forward!

Dec 2017: Geez, December already?! The year is almost over! My husband and I are trying to make better choices for meals and snacks. We do need to get back to the gym though. I miss the warmer, sunnier weather for walking outside. He lost 15 lbs already & I am so proud of him!

Nov 2017: Wow the month is half over! I had a bad cold for the past week. I am starting to feel better, but it is lingering! I am hoping to get back to the gym soon. I don't want to walk outside in the pitch black after work - plus it is so chilly already!

Oct 2017: The junk is still away from the house. My husband is on a low cholesterol & low sugar diet. This is definitely helping me cut back as well. We both are cutting out cheese and other items high in cholesterol. We are both trying to work out more as well!

Sept 2017: No more junk food in the house! It really is helping when those snacks aren't around.

August 2017: After vacation I am going to continue with my working out & trying to eat better routine! Even though I would love to be more strict, I am trying to be more realistic right now.

July 2017: Back on track! Going to the gym & some zumba. I've been tracking my food and exercise with Spark. I just need to keep up with the healthier lifestyle!

June 2017: Oops, I Missed May! I did a lot last month, but I didn't write in here. I was sick for most of the month, but at least I had my normal work hours again! I cleaned out my closet and drawers and found all of my workout clothes. Two friends are joining the gym, so hopefully that helps me go more often! I am so happy to be cooking again. Grill season is my favorite!!

April 2017: It is April 28 and I am just updating this! Tax season is FINALLY over. This was a rough one! Right at tax day, I got really bad allergies. I am still recovering - apparently the tree pollen is really bad this year! Once I get better, I need to start getting back to the gym. I am making my own dinners again, finally! We are going camping next week where I can hike and enjoy the waterfalls. Hopefully my allergies won't be too bad!

March 2017: 42 days left of tax season! I need more free time to exercise & cook for myself.. I won't get it until after tax day comes!

February 2017: Work has been busy! I'm trying to get to the gym as much as possible! I joined a DietBet!

January 2017: A new year! I will start my busy time soon at work. I joined the winter 5% challenge, so hopefully that will help motivate me to keep moving. My cousin's wedding is June 2017, so hopefully that will also keep me going!

December 2016: WOW - this year is flying by! I am going to the gym more often & eating better! I need to keep this up and carrying over the good habits into 2017!

November 2016: I have been making a lot of crockpot meals to freeze! I tried out 4 new soups and new chicken recipes. Now I need to get my butt to the gym - I have still been slacking! Although I don't like how it is getting dark so early, it gives me a reason to be inside earlier. So I will hopefully make myself go to the gym after work now! No excuses!!

October 2016: I have been slacking on tracking. I'm trying. I need more motivation to go back to the gym. I am trying to walk around the park at night while there is still daylight!

September 2016: I finally finished my Associates degree! I need to get back on the tracking/exercising bandwagon!

August 2016: I am completing my Associates in Accounting in 2 weeks! I will have more free time then. I can't wait! My toe is feeling better so I am working out again. It feels good to move more again!

July 2016: WOW I will be 31 soon! Where does the time go?! I hurt my toe 2 weeks ago, and I still can't put pressure on it. I am walking on the outside of my foot and can't go to the gym :(

June 2016: I need to get back to the gym! I am taking 4 classes right now during the summer. Once I am finished these four, I will be done my associates degree! Then I will have more time to myself. Can't wait!

May 2016: I'm a wife! I can't believe the wedding is here and gone already! I am under my goal weight for the wedding, so I am happy about that. Hopefully the honeymoon won't ruin it for me!

April 2016: Wow, April already!? Time is flying. I am working 60+ hours a week, so it is really hard to go to the gym. I don't feel like going at 9:30pm after working all day. I really need to get going. I can't wait until Tax day so I can get my normal work schedule back again!! I am still tracking my food, but I still need to workout more.

March 2016: Wedding is in 2 months! I can fit perfectly in my dress, so I need to continue going to the gym and watching what I eat!

February 2016: Work is getting busy, but I am still finding time to track my food and go to the gym! 90 days until the wedding ahhh!!

January 2016: We made it to 2016!!! I am still tracking my food and going to the gym 4-5 times a week! Work is getting busier. I will have to force myself to workout after working late nights once that starts - ugh! I have to do it though! I keep tracking my food everyday too which is good.

December 2015: Classes are officially over!! I am off for 5 weeks, woohoo! I have been going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, and I am tracking my food again! Tax season will be here before I know it, so I am trying to relax as much as a can!

November 2015: Where did October go? I am very stressed with these 4 classes. 5 weeks left and there is so much to do!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh. I need to go to the gym more:( Gotta keep moving!!!

September 2015: I am taking 4 classes this semester, working full time, planning for my wedding, and trying to stay sane! I am tracking my food again and I need to make time to go to the gym! Gotta keep tracking!!!!!!!!!!

August 2015: Where did July go?! August is almost halfway over! I have been so busy with my three summer classes. Three more days and then I finally get a much needed 2 week break! Then I am taking 4 classes in the Fall... all of this is on top of my full time job! AHH! I want (need) to workout more, but I need to find the time to do it! School is stressing me out!!

June 2015: Going to the gym with my bf and friend! Doing a 4-week pilates free program online. 6 days a week for 4 weeks! eek! I really need to keep my butt moving!

March 2015: Tax season has less than one month left! I signed up for
a color me rad run which will be in May! I need to get my butt moving again!

January 2015: I have been going to Skyrobics once a week and also trying to workout in the house. It is so cold outside! Tax season will be in full swing soon, so I need to start planning my work meals again. My first DietBet will be over 1/10 I will be starting another one 1/12! I am a bit behind in my maintenance, so I need to keep myself in line and stay on track!

December 2014: I might join a DietBet. I am slipping, and I have no motivation! I need some kind of change!

November 2014: I walked 2 miles instead of running the 5K. It was cold, but it was nice to get outside! Then the month zipped by!

October 2014: Where did September go?! I have been doing Zumba once or twice a week. I have a 5K run next month, and I need to train more for it! Work and school have been so busy! I started tracking my food again to keep me on track!

August 2014: I need a change. I have been walking the dog two times a day, but I need more exercise. I am doing a 5K race 11/8, so I need to get my butt moving again!

July 2014: I started doing more exercise at home. I might join a gym with my boyfriend and neighbors soon!

June 2014: Too busy to post!

May 2014: I would like to get 1,200 fitness minutes this month!

April 2014: I am excited for the Spring 5% Challenge to start up this month!

March 2014: Work is so busy. I can't wait for the April 15th tax day to get here! I have been trying to walk more when the weather is nice!

February 2014: I have been working 10 hours days & Saturdays since the last week of Jan! I have been SUPER busy! I keep missing yoga class because it starts at 6 or 6:15 and I am not done work until 7 or later every work night! I am still watching my food the best I can! I miss Sparking more often!

January 2014: Work has been very busy with payroll taxes! The weather has been very cold and also wet so far this year! I need to prepare myself for the official busy tax season because it is approaching so fast!

December 2013: Life has been SO busy lately! I went away on vacation and gained 1.5 lbs in a week. I lost it already, and I am still trying to keep the weight off! I did not reach my goal weight yet, but I am trying. I started yoga again, and I am trying to fit it into my busy schedule! It will be better once the holidays are over. I missSparking!

November 2013: I want to hit 1,500 fitness minutes again this month. I also want to spend more time with my family and friends. Life is pretty good right now & I want to continue staying positive! I am still in two challenges! They are motivating me to keep making smart & healthy decisions!

October 2013: I am still focusing on exercise! cardio kickboxing twice a week and pilates once a week! I also want to cut back on over-eating and I want to add healthier snacks! The 5% Challenge starts 10/12. I want to give up french fries & tortilla chips for 8 weeks!!

September 2013: I am still focusing on my exercise this month. I want to get 1,500 fitness minutes this month! I would like to stay below 160 on the scale if possible. I have cardio kickboxing twice a week, pilates once a week, and I want to 5K train also! I have my next 5k on 10/26! I need to continue staying away from dairy per Dr orders. It is tough!

August 2013: Instead of focusing fully on the scale, I want to focus on my exercise. Kickboxing & 5K training are my main focus this month! I would like to do a 5K next month. I just need to sign up! I also want to track my food closely!

July 2013: I have been going to cardio kickboxing every week - it is the best workout I ever did! Hopefully I can get 1200 fitness minutes this month & stick to tracking my food. I would like to reach my goal weight by my 2nd Sparkversary (August 17th). If I don't make it, I won't be discouraged - but it would be nice!!!

June 2013: I am trying to schedule my exercise when I can! I can't believe June is here already! I don't have any 5K scheduled right now, and I need to restart my training. Hopefully I focus more on losing more weight instead of maintaining. I am glad I am not gaining a lot, but I would really like to reach my weight loss goal!

May 2013: I have a 5K on 5/12. I would like to go to Zumba at least twice this month! I keep to start doing more 5K training again! Eventually I want to set another weight-loss deadline, but I have so much else going on right now. I don't want to set a big goal like that and be disappointed. My big goal for May is - stay Happy & Positive!

April 2013: Instead of having a specific weight loss deadline this month, I want to focus more on me. I will keep tracking and exercising, but I want to do more for me. Eating healthy is important, but I won't get discouraged if I don't hit 155 by the end of this month!

March 2013: I just realized I didn't update my Sparkpage for Feb! I have been so busy with tax season. I am now 1 pound away from my healthy weight goal. I am 6 pounds away from losing 100 lbs! I missed my healthy weight goal - I wanted to get to 155 by Feb 28th, but I didn't make it! I don't have a set deadline yet, but I am hoping to be 155 by the end of April! I signed up for one 5K in April, and I would like to sign up for a few more. I am doing a few challenges, but I still feel like I Don't have enough time to Spark!

January 2013: I feel so far behind with Spark! I am still tracking most days, but I haven't had a ton of time to update my page. Sorry to everyone for not being able to comment as much as I used to! I miss all of you! Hopefully I get a set routine in once my late nights at work start up! I would like to be at 158lbs by the end of this month! and I need to restart my 5K training!!

December 2012: I can't believe it is December already! I have a Jingle Bell 5K run 12/8! I don't feel ready for it at all! I am part of the Sparking as a Team December Challenge. I also joined the Jolly Holiday Challenge. The first weigh-in is 12/10. I created an ultimate goal deadline... I would like to be at 155lbs by March 1, 2013. That will be 95 pounds lost! If I lose 3 pounds each month until March 1st, I will reach it! I hope to be 161 by the end of this month!

November 16, 2012: Thank you to everyone! I am now a Spark Motivator! WooHoo! The Fall Challenge ends Dec 1st! I have lost 86.2 pounds so far. I will need to get to 162.5 to reach my 5% goal weight! I was sick the first two weeks of the month, and I still haven't been doing as much exercise as I hoped! I need to keep pushing to lose another 1.5 lbs by 12/1!!!!

Fall 5% Challenge Update: I did not meet the 5%! But I did get 4.5% I can't wait for the Winter 5% Challenge!

October 2012: The Fall 5% Challenge started Oct 6th! Gooo Firecrackers!! I reached my mini-goal for September - I am now at 170lbs! 80 lbs gone! For October, I really need to push hard to lose weight for the 8 week Fall challenge. I would like to lose 5 pounds this month! I really need to make big changes to accomplish this! I have my 2nd 5K on 10/13. Hopefully I can get under 37 minutes!

September 2012: I lost 75lbs so far. I am starting a little early on this month - but I am super excited about it! I reached my mini-goal for August & I lost 75 lbs so far. I have one yoga & 3 zumba classes done so far. I feel great! I finally feel motivated enough to workout. I want to start 5K training this month. I have my first walk Sept 22nd, it is for Cystic Fibrosis. My Sept mini-goal is to lose 3 pounds. If I do that, I will have 78 pounds lost. I can't wait! Sept update: I did it!

August 2012: I have been maintaining the past few weeks instead of losing. I am going to make weekly goals to try and motivate myself more. This month marks my one year at Spark!!! I lost 72 pounds so far. I want to be at the 75 lbs lost mark by September this year. I KNOW I can do it - and I will!!!

July 2012: I lost 70 lbs so far. I feel closer to my healthy weight - but I still have a long way to go! I have been making mini-goals for myself so I get more exercise. I haven't been this skinny since 2006!

June 2012: I lost 69 lbs so far. I played tennis once this month & have been doing more walking here & there. I just need to stick with it more!

May 2012: Quick Update - finally lost 65 pounds! I want to get pictures.. soon enough I will get some (hopefully). I will update more when I get the chance. I am GOING to start working out soon!!!!

April 2012 It has been a while since I updated my spark info. I have been working a lot. I definitely need to get back on track. I reached my first big goal a while ago. I wanted to lose 50 lbs, and I did that! I have lost 62 lbs so far. But I only lost 4 pounds total in the month of March and April combined. I need to start working out again. I need to stop having so many cheat days! I am not regaining, but I also do not want to maintain where I am at now. I want to lose more!!! I WILL do it!

Jan 2012 I just looked at my original introduction from August when I started here. It said I want to look better for my wedding. Although this is true, so much has changed since then. I lost a lot of weight so far, and I almost reached my wedding loss goal of losing 50 lbs before Oct 2012. I almost feel really stupid for wanting to look better just because I am getting married. I now want to be a better person. I am dedicated to becoming healthier. I want to be stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally! This is my weight loss Journey, but it is also much more than that!

9/4/11 - I lost 8 lbs so far! ----9/12/11 - I lost 9 lbs so far!
9/17/11 - I lost 12.5 lbs so far! ---- 9/27/11 - I lost 15 lbs so far!
10/16/11 - I lost 19 lbs so far!----10/21/11 - I lost 21 lbs so far!
11/7/11 I lost 28 lbs so far! ----11/18/11 I lost 29 lbs so far!
11/28/11 I lost 34 lbs so far! 12/5/2011 I lost 35 lbs so far!
12/13/11 I lost 36 lbs so far! 12/20/11 I lost 43 lbs so far!
1/4/12 I lost 45 lbs so far!! 1/9/12 I lost 47 lbs so far!
1/16/12 I lost 49.6lbs so far!!!! 1/22/12 I lost 51.4lbs so far!
3/26/12 I lost 59 lbs so far! 4/7/12 I lost 60 lbs so far!
6/20/12 I lost 69 lbs so far. 8/30/12 I lost 75lbs fo far!
9/17/12 I lost 77lbs so far! 10/31/12 I lost 82 lbs so far!
2013: 94 lbs most lost so far! Sept 2013: 92 lbs lost right now
So much more to go =)

Original Intro Aug 2011: I tried Weight watchers for a while, but I got off track for no reason. I want to lose more weight to be healthy & to look better for my wedding. I have been tracking the best I can! I try to add as many fruits and veggies to my meals so I don't get hungry after I eat. I just need to work on the WORKOUT part!

Member Since: 8/17/2011

Fitness Minutes: 35,354

My Goals:
I want to be healthier, stronger, skinnier, and more confident in myself! My reward system is not just to celebrate my weight loss. It is about making goals, dedicating myself, and celebrating ME! I don't give myself enough credit, and I should! I reached my goal weight of 155, but I gained some back. I am trying hard to get back there!

My Program:
I have been focusing on tracking food since August 2011 when I started on Spark. I have been going to the gym 4-6 days a week when I can. I go on walks when I can! I have cut out allred meat because of how fattening it can be. I try to avoid fatty, greasy, and fried foods when I can because of their unhealthy nature & also because I had my gallbladder out! I do splurge sometimes and eat it.

Personal Information:
I grew up in Pennsylvania, and I am still here! I am 33 and very dedicated to myself now. I used to be very shy and kept everything to myself. I am still shy, but I am more open now when I need to be! Instead of hiding myself, I am doing my best to do what I want with my life!

Other Information:
If something isn't working for you, try something else! Everyone is different so we all should have our own way of life.

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