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Picture of a lake during a vacation in I think Germany, Kronenburg.

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We hired this 'oldtimer' a few years ago and had lots of fun driving around the countryside.

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I keep returning www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_

relaxing music
Mpw (Ajai Alai)
Sleep talk down: www.youtube.com/results?search_query

"It is human to try a strategy and then over time let it slip. The thing to do is NOT to change strategies nor get mad with oneself, but to pick up the strategy again and keep working at it." (HB)

4-E wonderful soothing music / mantra

Motivation for stretching: NOT doing it for 5-6 days meant I got sore muscles in neck and shoulder. My body needs it!

Motivation for avoiding sugary foods: I WILL have symptoms of cold and flu if I overindulge, inevitably!

Calming music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNakEhGJbh


'If I go off plan now I won't lose weight and won't improve my health (not get the results that being thinner will yield)'. AND I am spinning my wheels gaining and losing the same few pounds (if not gaining), so I am in a way undoing the effect of the GOOD choices I am making, wiping out their effect by overeating at other times.

If I eat too much at night I am wiping out the effects of staying on track during the day.

If I 'spontaneously' choose to have nacho's when we're in a café, or a glass of port, or to eat out when we really weren't going to, I wipe out the outcome of other healthy choices I made, I wipe out weight loss that MIGHT have occured.

"If I give in now and eat the wrong things, then I have more trouble and misery than when I go on with healthy eating." If I go to eat sweets and junk food now, I will feel worse and I can not do that now: I want to be and be strong to be there for those who need the most support now."

* Even though things are terribly stressful now, I can’t afford to get off track with my eating. My health is at stake.

* I have enough stress happening right now, if I overeat and/or eat the wrong things I will create a lot MORE stress. Overeating is not the answer. It may momentarily distract me from my stress but will cause so much more negativity overall. Which will make it harder to stick to my eating plan, and make me have strong emotions and arguments, and get flu symptoms.

* Staying on track during this time will irrefutably prove to me that I have changed and give me huge confidence that I can continue doing what I’m doing long term.


I discovered that in fact I can make a delicious salad almost every day for dinner according to the formula:

- a leafy vegetable,
- a grain (rice or quinoa or other grains),
- a healthy dressing or some mayonaise,
- some kind of legumes,
- a fruit (apple or pear or mango),
- cucumber and / or tomato and / or bell pepper,
- herbs such as curry.

Sometimes with other vegetables such as mushrooms, steamed broccoli, raw carrots or cauliflower, green beans. Sometimes with some sunflower seeds or other seeds.


Things I am learning about healthy eating
Thursday, July 05, 2018
Following an elimination diet (still) that bears some resemblance to the Eat to Live program (though I am not nearly as strict as dr. Fuhrman would suggest).

* Now that it is hot in summer I enjoy eating frozen fruit. It is hard so it takes me a long time to eat it, which I like. It's sweet and reminds me very much of candy. Until recently I would have frozen cherries and frozen mango and frozen pineapple and strawberries, too, that I got in the store. I was only freezing bananas myself (can't buy them frozen!) and LOVING them, eating them just like that as ice cream / candy. My evening treat was a frozen banana. (Just peel a ripe banana and put it in a plastic bag, close and put in freezer; after about 6 hours it s frozen).
But now halleluja, just for fun I put a nectarine in the freezer, just washed it and put it in there as a whole, never expecting anything. Turns out I LOVE the frozen nectarine too. I have now also tried pear, which is great too! I am not done experimenting!

* Realized that I can make an evening meal, again, now that it is summer, by just using one up to three or four kinds of leafy greens (arugula, iceberg, spinach, bok choy, lettuce, parsley for example, also chicory and romaine), adding some cooked rice or quinoa (I usually cook a big pan of rice or quinoa and then freeze part of it in plastic bags or containers, portioned, all I need to do is rinse it in hot water and I can add it to dishes), with one or more types of legumes, and some seeds or nuts (cashew, peanuts, walnuts for example) and add some fruit (mostly apple or peach). Plus raw veggies like cukes, bell peppers, tomato on occasion, carrot. I use some (organically produced, relatively pure) mayonaise and some salt. I figure that these are less healthy but they do help to get in all the other healthy stuff.

I make soup using a bag of pre-cut veggies, water and a cubicle of herbs... make a huge pot and keep it in the fridge. For lunch I heat up the amount of one bowl adding in (frozen) spinach and some beans. I do use canned beans most of the time. Again I accept that they have extra salt and some even have some sugar added (sigh) but, this is easy and quick and it helps get the vegetables in my body.

I notice that the more healthy foods I eat the less cravings I get for processed stuff.

I am making a rule to eat the healthier foods first. I can have my rice cakes with mayo and peanut butter (limited to two at lunch) but I tell myself to eat (get in) the soup or salad first. Then if I still want to eat more later on I have a few carrots or a bell pepper or baby tomatoes.

I've been eating the same breakfast for years now: 4 tablespoons of oats with cut up fruit, some nuts, cinnamon and flaxseeds with plant milk. I soak the oats for 15 minutes or so and don't need to cook them that way.

I have times when I really don't feel 'full' enough and may need more protein (?), I think. I now often have just a small bowl of legumes adding a tablespoon of (store bought) hummus. It works very well, it's a hearty snack that fills me until the next meal. Often when I have that as an afternoon snack, (or a handfull of nuts) I will just have grains or potatoe with a lot of vegetables for my evening meal and don't bother to come up with a source of protein. Again I'll often make the potatoes more attractive by adding a bit of mayonaise. Better that than having french fries or meat or cheese, etcetera

great tips for decluttering: https://www.home-storage-solutions-101.com

"There is too much emphasis in the binge community on trying to control bingeing by completely avoiding triggering the binge urge as if the urge will always win and as if it CAN be completely avoided. Then we find people saying, "OH, this (stressful thing) happened so of course I binged," instead of believing that it is possible to have stressful things happen and of course we DON'T binge. "I had such a tremendous urge to gorge on X and I saw where that was going, so of course, I held on and did something else." In the end, if we don't believe that's possible most of the time, things look pretty bleak.

Like you, when I stopped expecting not to feel urges, it got more possible to negotiate them. Thank you for reminding me of how this applies to so many urges. "

Sparkmember Oolala53

Sven Butz: Soul's purpose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfnDSKQaTu

Sven Butz: Nabel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBYkPRjCLN
Meditation for letting go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqRIxyNcRQ

Benefits and findings of the elimination diet (did it for 5+ months, cut out sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, yeast and peanuts):
* (somewhat) more energy
* better moods
* less pain in my back/side
* Pain in my feet is GONE
* no more problems with intestines, no more cramps for weeks on end.
* lost 7 kg in 5 months
* on this diet I have a lot less cravings than expected and I could go for hours without food, not feeling very hungry. My stomach could be empty but I did not have the drive to eat that I had before.

What is the human natural diet?

"Mantra: It's okay to crave, but not to cave. She said it was helpful in learning to quit smoking. It seems so obvious when it comes to wanting a cigarette that the right attitude is to hold out against those urges. With eating, it's easier to be fooled into thinking that we really need the food we have the urge to eat. We need food, right? That's how we get tripped up. That's also why it's so helpful to adopt an eating routine. We know we got fed awhile ago and will again, so there's no need to cave in to urges for random food. Eating random food, even "good" food, can lead to the binge foods and beyond. Having the routine does not mean we won't crave. We likely cannot keep all craving away. See if her thoughts help you get ready to conquer cravings.

Being allowed to crave (but not cave) has really helped me too. I used to worry so much when I would crave overspending or binging or smoking and wasted so much energy battling just craving and had so much guilt for craving. But now that I have given myself permission to crave all three, I actually crave less often. And when I do crave it tends to pass faster. I still cave, but not as often or as hard. It's ironic. But there it is. I still always have at least one of my three vices in motion, but over the years it's getting increasingly more manageable and therefore more peaceful.

Cravings happen! Not caving happens, too."

Sparkmember Oolala53

* *

advantages of weight loss for me:
1.Health, health, health.
The pain in my feet may diminish. It's better for my blood pressure, my kidneys and my arthritis. I'll diminish the risk for many diseases, among which diabetes which runs in my family.
2. I will feel better
And move with more ease and not feel so heavy. I'll be able to bend over with more ease. I'll enjoy my looks and the clothes I wear more.

Sleep music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEUpHtxcMz

Relaxing meditation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzV6J4WCwR

Quiet music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPqCRyzhXn

Quiet harp music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muKqSWnFr6

5 minute bell meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGFog-OuFD

Singing bowl & ear brushing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czQ5jcxgaw

Meditation for anxiety https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA9DrMM41F

Interesting article about chocoholism: http://eatingless.com/articles/chocoholism

Nutritarian daily checklist:
* Eat a large salad as the main dish at least 1 meal
* Eat 100-200 grams beans
* Eat one large (double size) serving of steamed green vegetables
* Eat at least 30 grams of nuts and seeds (as a woman).Half of them should be walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds or sesame seeds.
* Eat some cooked mushrooms and raw and cooked onions.
* Eat at least 3 fresh fruits.

* * *

cjM (triggerfinger)


Weight planner:



Member Since: 11/23/2017

My Goals:
Inner peace
Weight loss
Healthy blood pressure

My Program:
Avoid sugary foods
Get in at least 40 minutes of exercise per day
Go to bed on time
Eat lots of freggies.

Personal Information:
Female, born in 1965, living in Europe, vegetarian since 1995.

Other Information:
http://www.sparkpeople.tv/video.asp?id=633 11 minute chair cardio workout

ness_articles.asp?id=1713 seated workouts

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