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Lost Focus....

Friday, January 16, 2009

I've been a member of spark people for 85 days now. As of last Sunday I had lost 3.7 kilos (8.2 pounds) which is brilliant for me :) To get there, I had given up coca cola, I was drinking water instead, I was eating healthy food at around 1500-1600 calories per day, I was eating a banana, tuna and vegetables each morning and I was feeling great. I even did brilliantly over Christmas with my foods. I was also being consistent with my walking up until Christmas....

However, after Christmas I was on holidays and everything fell apart :( I am walking more now than I ever was, BUT my diets gone right out the door. I'm drinking litres of coca cola again instead of water, I'm getting very few fruits and vegetables, I'm eating junk food like mcdonalds, cornettos, cherry ripes and other such crap. The result is that I'm feeling like crap, unenthusiastic and I'm gaining again. Only 0.5kilo so far this week, but its still a gain.

I can probably trick my way out of that 0.5 kilo by walking my backside off today to fool the scales tomorrow - but that to me is cheating - its not the healthy lifestyle I wanted to achieve...

When I started this whole thing, I made myself a promise that I wouldn't do anything I couldn't achieve on a daily basis for the rest of my life. I have watched people at work start walking extra each day to the point where they are walking 50-60,000 steps - they do brilliantly at the weight loss - one guy lost 25 kilos in about 4 months BUT the moment he stopped that momento, within 5 weeks he had gained about 30 kilos! All it took to stop that momento/habit was one illness - the flu - he was too sick to walk for a week, the following week he was still recovering, by the third week he was so far out of the habit that it was all over. I don't want to do that! I want to walk what is "normal" each day, I want to have rest days, I want to do this right so I can be one of those people that loses the weight and keeps it off for good. Thats why I'm happy with 100-200 gram losses each week, rather than getting disappointed over them :)

So with all that said, what I really need to do is reset my goals/lifestyle changes again - from scratch....

1. Stop drinking Coca Cola - drink water again (this is the biggest one - to achieve this means I'm stopping 4-600 or more crap calories per day which end up exhausting me!)
2. Pre-Organise a healthy breakfast each day
3. Pre-Organise a healthy lunch each day (instead of buying 1000 calorie lunches at work!)
4. Walk at lunch time at work each day
5. Walk around the walk track each afternoon
6. Walk on the weekends
7. Spend at least an hour doing housework and cooking a good dinner each night
8. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day
9. Consume at least 5 serves of fruit or veggies every day
10. Spend time on my Wii and Exercise Bike each day

They are all simple things - but so hard to achieve sometimes....

I know I will fail if I try to do them all at once again - I've lost the habit, and I gained it in the beginning by doing one thing at a time... so thats what I'm going to try to do again...

1 goal at a time... each one will bring me closer to my goals again :)

Week 1 Lifestyle Changes: 18-25 January:

1. Give up coke - drink water instead - at least 8 glasses per day
To achieve: Drink cups of tea to compensate for the caffiene intake - otherwise headaches/exhaustion will ensue.

2. Walk at least 11,500 steps per day - log them in the Walking Challenges on "Canberra and Surrounds" and "Sparkies Down Under"
To achieve: When its too hot to walk - walk inside the airconditioned building at work during lunch time, compensate with Wii and Bike in evenings in airconditioned home

Wish me luck!

CK :)
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