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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I fell into the trap.

As I began getting acclimated to this site and brave enough to start reading and posting messages, I noticed a pattern developing. Many of the posts, including mine, had excuses as to why weight wasn't lost or gained, water goals not met, fitness not done...you get the picture.

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I have never been one of those introspective people who have analyze every little thing that happens in their life. I believe things happen for a reason and nothing is a coincidence. I am a very caring person who will stop at the drop of a hat to help someone. I'm a problem solver who comes up with solutions but realize that I may not be the one who needs to follow up until the end. That being said, I found myself thinking about all these "excuses" we are making for things we do. Please note I have included myself in this collective "we."

After many days of mulling this over in my pea brain, this is what I came up with. It all boils down to CHOICES. The choices we make, good or bad, belong to only ourselves. We must live with the consequences of our choices. The goal we need to focus on is making more good decisions than bad. However, if we do make a bad choice, so what. It makes us human. These bad choice are not usually fatal. In my 58 years of life, I can't ever remember a time when someone held a gun to my head and told me to eat that bag of doritos or super size the fries at a fast food establishment or eat enough for a family of four at one meal.

I know that in order to make good choices I have to set myself up to succeed (or fail less) by not having things(temptations) around that I know I'm not ready handle, i.e., doritos, certain crackers or even cooking more than 2 oz. of spaghetti at a time. For now those are good choices for me.

The other choice I made was making myself very transparent on this site. Anyone can see my nutrition and fitness logs, my weight and weight loss, the things I write on the message boards, blogs, everything. That choice made me vulnerable, but at the same time that choice gave me strength. How awesome.

Well, I think I've done enough reflecting for tonight...until next time keep making those choices that help you succeed not only on this journey, but in all areas of your life.

Learn to celebrate in your bad choices. Why? Because you realized you made one. It gives you the opportunity to make a good choice. They help us to learn and better manage our journey here.

So, as of last week, I made it one of my goals not to make excuses for my bad choices. I will post whatever result or challenge I may be in and be done with it. Hopefully, I will have learned from it. I will praise people for the good choice and try to find something positive out of a bad choice.

Maybe you can let me know what you think.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think you hit the nail on the head. We need to recognize our bad choices for what they are and learn from them. I'll admit that sometimes I have to relearn a lesson or two along the way but I'm moving forward and that's what counts. Good on ya!
    4470 days ago
    This blog is so spot on. I'm trying to cut the excuse game myself. Not easy, but the only way I can grow as a person. (And shrink, too!) ;-)
    4471 days ago
    Way to go. You nailed it.

    4471 days ago
    What a good blog!! I agree, we make choices; good and bad. I made a bad choice to eat the entire piece of cake yesterday, and today I will make a good choice to walk on the treadmill. At least now I am recognizing that the cake wasn't necessary, but so delicious. And the treadmill walking is good for my health. A year ago, I would have eaten the one piece of cake and maybe two pieces and not have stepped on the treadmmill. So I'm learning as well.
    4471 days ago
    I think you bring up a very good point about excuses. I know I am guilty of this same thing. Owning up is half the battle.
    4471 days ago
    This is a good blog post... you've put into words something that was coalescing in my mind for awhile. Celebrating choice is a great thing. emoticon
    4471 days ago
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