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Do the Math...Please

Monday, June 01, 2009

About a month or so ago I was going to do this blog then my computer had problems. Now I'm making myself do it. So here goes.

One of the teams I was on had a challenge to quit using caffeine. Well, the only caffeine I got on a regular basis was my morning two cups of coffee. Well, I fretted over this, because in the big scheme of things, this was very minor. So, being the good team player I was, I committed to quit drinking coffee once my coffee and coffeemate ran out.

Well, one morning I was entering my daily coffeemate on the nutritional tracker and there it was. Coffeemate - 80 calories. Again, out of 1600 calories a day, 80 didn't appear to be so bad. WRONG.

80 calories/day x 365 = 29,200 divided by 3500 = 8.34 pounds

I used to never measure my coffeemate so you can imagine my surprise when I realized I used 8 teaspoons. I changed from my Hazelnut to regular to lite because of the calories. But when I did the math, I haven't had a cup of coffee since.

So why did I write this. I just want everyone to do the math on that favorite little thing that they just love. For me it was coffeemate. It could just as easily been M&Ms, potato chips, the list could go on and on. The point being, if there is something that you think you have to have every day, do the math to see how much weight you would lose without having to change one thing your are doing. No extra exercises. Nothing!!!

It was a great motivator me. Maybe it will be for you, too.
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    WOW. I do not use this math but I am going to keep in mind about this coffeemate. I took this in spite of milk. I cannot take dairy milk and soy milk does not good in coffee. Yes I better ti give up coffee, I work on it, but it is live long addiction. Now I am really think it is time.
    Good blog.
    4328 days ago
    I didn't give up the creamer in my coffee. I gave up the SUGAR! 3tsp X 15 calories per cup! I do use french vanilla creamer that isn't sugar free or light but I ditched the extra sugar I was using and cut the calories in half.
    4367 days ago
    THIS really struck home. My honey's big deal is half and half at 40 calories for 2 TBS X 2 cups of coffee = 80 X 365 = 29,200 calories - WHEW! YIPES!
    That is just under 9 pounds!
    4367 days ago
  • ANDREA0301
    GREAT post! I had my "little" epiphany a few weeks back. It wasn't anything I HAD to have, just something I popped in my mouth 2 or 3 times a day. There is a jar of individually wrapped Wint-o-green Lifesavers at the receptionist's desk. Sometimes I would grab one after coffee, sometimes on my way out the door I would pop one in my mouth and put another in my pocket for when I got to class.

    Turns out, there are 15 calories in each Lifesaver. I could easily be getting 45 - 60 extra empty calories (no nutritional value) and not think a thing about it.

    At 3 Lifesavers a day, that's 315 calories per week; 1,365 calories per month, 16,380 calories per year, totaling 4.7 lbs.

    Now, if I feel like I need a quick breath fix and can't brush my teeth, I pop a Tic-Tac at 1.9 cals per.
    4368 days ago
    Wow! That is scary. It really puts things in to prospective. My favorite thing is licorice. I think it is pretty low in calories compared to some other choices.
    110 calories/day x 365 = 40150 divided by 3500 = 11.47lbs

    Yeah so not worth it! Thanks!
    4368 days ago
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