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A Stumbling Block

Sunday, November 08, 2009

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run”
Babe Ruth

This quote is taken from Try Again, Fail again, Fail Better (by Herter Studio). And you might well say, so what? Well, the reason I bring up this quote is that it kind of describes what happened to me this weekend: I struck out. Much to my amazement I GAINED two pounds this week!!!!!

Well, I have had to do a lot thinking to try and figure this one out. OK, so I was away from home, had the opportunity of eating multi-course meals, had tons of fun playing tourist and did not see any harm in simply sitting around and doing absolutely no exercise. But 2 pounds in three days, when it takes me a week and a half to loose it! This is an upward trend rather than a downward one. I am totally stunned.

Surely, three days of slightly more food and no exercise couldn’t do this to me. Hmm – I have to think more on this, what did I do last week – I seemed to have hit a plateaus lately, why was I not loosing any weight. Well, I have not been using my nutrition planner as I should – problem one: maybe I am eating more than I should to loose my weight. Well, certainly that is a factor.

However, when I look back at the weeks I tracked, and talked to my number 1 resource, hubby, we notice something: my balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat is off the charts. The dreaded outcome: too many carbs and not enough protein or fat. And I thought I was eating healthy enough. I was eating lots of fruit, whole wheat bread and yogurt. Hmm, NOT so! So I have been within the limits for calories, but the % of carbs was too high compared to my protein and even my fat.

Up to now, I really didn’t think much of tracking my % breakdowns of these items. Now I have learned my lesson, track not only calories and ranges but also the breakdowns.

So while this may be a setback, it is a temporary one. From now on, I shall track my food more diligently, track the proportions of carbs, protein and fat and maybe even ramp up my exercise a bit ( an extra 15mins won’t kill me !). And hopefully, it will help. I feel that with a new strategy, I am closer to MY home run, that is, my weight loss.

So bye for now Spark Friends, but let me ask you: have you ever hit a plateau? Or worse yet gained weight? Any words of advice for me?
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    You know, I haven't tracked my nutrition on here for over 2 years and I wasn't loosing. I was being lazy and did not want to track. But since tracking, I am loosing weight. I did not realize that it was such a big deal to balance things out correctly. This is one of the best tools available for us to use and we want to ignore it. Without it, we are struggling extra for no good reason!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4146 days ago
    The scales by themselves cannot be your only feedback, but they can be a nudge in the right direction. We don't fail here, just practice until we get it right. You already know how great the food tracker is. You have blogged about not being consistent exercising. This is about how we want to live for life and it seems like you are prepared for a journey, not trying to do an all out race and then quit. So.... may I point out that you have done two very good things today. You have blogged, and you are here. The rest... I think you have the answers. You are thinking of tweaking things. Do. Little things. See what happens and how you feel about the changes. I remember saying "I could never do... " and yet here I am tracking my food, eating less white flour, and sometimes walking 6 km in a day.
    4206 days ago
    Oh, sweet thing, you aren't on a plateau at all! You merely hit the "pause button" so you could figure out what was going on with your plan. You truly did not gain 2 pounds of fat in 3 days. Nope, uh-uh. No doubt you retained water (do we women EVER stop retaining water?! LOL!)from eating more sodium than you're used to. Even though you probably don't add table salt to your food, restaurants are loaded with sodium-laden foods, so what appears "healthy" sometimes still has way too much salt in it.

    You and Silverback were able to look at your % (something I'm not very good about either) and see where your body might be craving more proteins and fats and less carbs. One thing I can say I've noticed is that when I lay off the carbs and really make and effort with getting enough protein, I no longer crave carbs! Weird how that happens, but I find I have more energy and am in bette spirits when I balance things out more (hard to do when you are a pasta-loving freak like I am emoticon ).

    So no plateau for you Mrs. Mouse! You just needed to reassess and see what needed tweaking. And adding to your exercise by walking 1.5 miles is really going to pay off for you. It's amazing how much our bodies respond when it gets that little extra "push" while staying in a good oxygen zone. Carrying loads of laundry up the stairs no longer makes me feel like I need an oxygen tank and a defibrillator, so there must be some progress being made!

    You are doing a WONDERFUL job, so keep logging your food and exercises and make the changes you listed. Before you know it, those 2 pounds will be long gone and the scale will be going down and to the left!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4231 days ago
    I'm always too low on my protein and fats, too and I know that's why I've plateaued for so long. Sodium is always a problem too. I wouldn't worry about two pounds in a few days, though. The scale fluctuates a lot. And you can always get back on track!
    4234 days ago
    Aw it happens! From the sound of it, you know exactly what went wrong and how to fix it. It is a bummer to gain a couple of lbs on a mini-break, especially when you have to work twice as long and hard to lose them. Just keep at it, and remember, you're still hitting it hard, and starting off in a better, healthier place than you did initially!


    4234 days ago
  • LIQUID11
    Congratulations for your emoticon st BLOG!!

    Do not believe that these 2 pounds are all fat! Most of it is actually water retained -I bet you overdid it with carbs, haven't you? Return to your Normal routine -I emphasize NORMAL-, and just keep the nice things of your trip. Anyway, we all need some time fooling around!


    emoticon emoticon
    4235 days ago
    For your first blog that was a great one, truly. Everyone is of course different, some people need to avoid them some thrive on them. Depends on your metabolism and your body type is a pretty good indicator. Those of us endomorphs are probably in the group that should cut back carbs and increase protein and fats. But you are doing great !! I wouldn't say this is a plateau at all yet.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4235 days ago
    Don't get discouraged. Traveling is always dangerous as to how the scale reacts. In order to REALLY gain 2 pounds, you had to eat 7,000 EXTRA calories. You could not do that without meaning to do that. It is probably water weight.

    I retain water when I travel. I think it has to do with salt content in restaurant and packaged foods. What I have learned to do is not weigh for several days after I get home. That way, I avoid that discouraged and defeated hit that comes when a weight gain shows on the scale.

    If you feel good, are exercising and eating within your range, you are making progress.

    Keep up the good work!

    4235 days ago
    Hmmm, you have raised an interesting point, one I am going to have look at because I am just tracking what I eat, not individual break down.

    I know things will get better for you!!!


    4235 days ago
    Of course we've ALL hit plateaus. It's part of the journey. Every journey has hills to go up (plateaus & gains) and and down (good wgt loss, good eating habits for a length of time) I think this is because we're human. We're not machines, we're not non-emotional beings. Some days it's easy to eat well. Some days it's easy to exercise to plan.

    Just remember. You can do this. Take small steps. A set back is NOT a permanent situation. A plateau is NOT permanent. Take your measurements. Sometimes I like to think of weight-loss plateaus as a 'catching up' phase for my body. It's when I notice my body actually getting smaller (with a measuring tape). :)
    4235 days ago
    Hi Kish, I'm fairly new and love readying sparkfriends blogs that say they have hit a plateau.

    Because that means you have had GREAT SUCCESS!!! In your journey

    It gives me great hope!

    Soon you will be past this point and look back and say," I did it!" i didn't give up.

    Thanks for your fun blog, just speaking from your heart, lynne emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4235 days ago
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