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Performing Self- Reiki

Monday, January 04, 2010

Performing Reiki on yourself is an excellent way to practice your healing techniques and to familiarize yourself with the feel and flow of energy.

Before we start practicing Reiki on others, it is important to know how to practice it on ourselves. Performing Reiki on yourself allows you to experience its benefits directly and develop a loving relationship with your mind, body and spirit.

By practicing Reiki on yourself on a regular basis you will increase your energy levels and energy flowing through your palms when you treat others, Reiki allows you to be open and honest with yourself, and improves your confidence so that you are happier in all aspects of your life.

Regular sessions

By intending to heal yourself, you are increasing your connection to the universal life energy and clearing your physical, mental and emotional bodies of the old, stagnant thoughts and feelings that can eventually lead to depression, ill-health and disease.

Close your eyes and clear your mind

For your initial Reiki sessions it is better to go through the self-healing exercise with your eyes closed, as this will increase your sense of touch.

1- Close your eyes and visually block out the outside world, allowing you to clear your mind and listen to your intuitive voice. This will enable you to connect to the Reiki energy more easily.
2- With practice, you will become accustomed to listening to your inner voice and tuning out all other distractions.

3- The more experienced you become at sensing the energy from Reiki withe your eyes closed, the easier you will find it is to sense the energies with your eyes open when your are healing others.

4- You may find that it helps to listen to a CD of relaxing music while you practice. Soothing harmonies reminiscent of the Chinese elements of fire, earth metal, water and wood work best.

Self- Reiki step by step

Once you have meditated and prepared a comfortable space to lie down, you may begin to heal yourself with Reiki energy.

1- Crown Chakra Keep your fingertips together with your thumbs resting against the index fingers, in order to focus the energy in the palms of your hands. Place your hands on the sides of your head so that the fingertips are touching the midline of the crown and the palms are resting gently, mainly covering the cheekbones.

This position stimulates the crown chakra and pineal gland the governs the upper brain and right eye.

Using this technique can also help to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

2- Brow Chakra Place your hands over your face with fingertips touching your forehead. Leave a space around the nose so you can breathe freely. This position activates the brow Chakra and pituitary gland, which governs the lower brain, left eye, ears nose and nervous system.

3- Throat Chakra Place your hands around your throat with the base of your palms touching in the middle and fingers wrapping to the back, This activates the throat Chakra and thyroid gland, governing the lungs and alimentary canal.

4- Heart Chakra Position your hands on the chest area with one hand on or above each breast. This stimulates the heart Chakra and thymus gland, governing the heart and circulation. Stimulating the thymus will affect your heart, blood, vargus nerve, and circulation.

5- Stomach Chakra- Rest your hands on the area of the solar plexus, placing them jus under the breast line with the fingertips touching - or coming very close together.
This position stimulates the solar plexus and pancreas, thus affecting the stomach, liver gall bladder and nervous system.

use Reiki to transmit energy through your solar plexus and pancreas.

6- Sacral Chakra Move your hands farther down the body to the area just above the waistline. Your fingertips should be pointing toward each other. This technique will stimulate the sacral Chakra and the ovaries the govern the reproductive system of your body.
Allow energy to flow freely through your reproductive system and sacral Chakra.

7- Base Chakra Place your hands over your lower abdomen with the fingers pointing at a slight angle down the body, toward the genital region.
This Reiki technique stimulates the base Chakra and adrenals. It will also affect the spinal column and kidneys.

Unblock your base Chakra for a quick boost of energy.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to try this tonight.
    4146 days ago
    Asians are good at getting in touch with their inner energy. I know it works because of my (too brief) experience with Tai Chi. I can't channel my energy until I get my elbow fixed, it blocks there.
    Keep up the great info.
    4146 days ago
    Thanks for the info Rhonda. This is very interesting.
    4149 days ago
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