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A new beginning...it really is different this time

Monday, May 24, 2010

We often say, "it's different this time," when it isn't. After all, history tends to repeat itself, and without a true catylist for change, we tend to do the same things over and over again.

However, this weekend, I picked up my Spark book, and read it again. Why hadn't I noticed the gentle beginning before? I have had an "all or nothing" approach to health and weight loss for as long as I can remember, which has taken me through many, many diet programs and much weight that have been lost, and then gained because I couldn't maintain perfection. It is with much fear and trepidation that I begin again, and instead of just skimming the material I am devouring it and pledging my first fast break and my first week of permanent change. This time, I will be gentle with myself, knowing mistakes will happen and also knowing this is the beginning of a lifetime change.

Any words of wisdom that you might have for me would be greatly appreciated! I have tried this alone for too long. Thanks for listening!
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    I am starting again, everyday, it feels like. It is okay for me to just wake up every morning and say I will try my best and my best is good enough for today. It is when I take my thoughts and focus off the prize that I backslide somehow. My newest strategy is to try and keep the plan in mind and before my eyes. I am glad that there is a group of people who are travelling the same path as me, that we can share helps and strategies together. Keep on being gentle and doing your best!
    4044 days ago
    I need to pick up my Spark, too. In more ways than one! I have backslided terribly and need to get back into the swing of things and quit TALKING about it and just DO it.

    So, like you, I will pick up my copy of the Spark and re-read it.

    Right now, I feel like I need all the outside help I can get!

    Best of luck to you, my friend!
    4044 days ago
    So I'm four days in, and two pounds down! This is really surprising to me, since normally I would be working out like crazy (at least for the first week) and I'd be telling myself, "If 1500 calories is good, then 1000 is better. So, imagine my surprise that a gentle beginning produces results! I'm equally surprised at the immediate support from all of you. I know I can do this, but I also know that I can't do it alone. Thank you for your comments... they really are helping me stay on track!
    4046 days ago
    Congrats on beginning again and voicing your "all or nothing" attitude. As you can see there are a great many of us who have felt the same way. You can do it!
    4047 days ago
    I am at this exact same stage and I've had the exact same problem. I've always said in the past, "If it isn't perfect, why even BOTHER!?" when that isn't true at all. This is a learning process, it's not something I need to expect to do correctly 100% of the time. I will fumble, I will have downfalls.. The trick is getting back up admitting you made a mistake, but continuing down the same road.

    JR :)
    4048 days ago
  • JDB1957
    Good Luck emoticon
    I too have done many many diets in the past, but while I may lose weight it has never stayed gone. I believe that is because they were just that-Diets! I was not willing to make diet "sacrafices" for a life time. I think that your approach to taking it easy on yourself and realizing mistakes will happen,that you will not be perfect, but you will be committed will make a difference. The weight did not magically appear and will not magically disappear, but will come off over time through changing our habits and creating new ones. You are not alone, we are all here with you, in the same boat with the same issues and each other and Spark as the liferings. I know we can do it~one day at a time! Please contact me any time and I will be here to support you! emoticon
    4049 days ago
    You've got and read the book, so you know what it takes to get started. Start that upward spiral! This was a key ingredient for me. I talked myself into exercise by saying things like "I can walk for 10 minutes ... if I can't even walk for 10 minutes, then I'm not committed to this ... and I am committed to this, right?" ... next thing you know, my butt is off the couch. And for most of us, the first step is harder than the last. That's how the spiral starts!
    4049 days ago
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