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Back and feeling good!!!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

I was on vacation for two weeks. I really needed it bad ... read my last blog and you know why :( ...

I was in the Dordogne (France). I've been al over the place. 2 caves with paintings and gravures between 15.000 and 18.000 years old. They are beautiful. It's like the guides said: it's art and every stroke deliberated and considered.

We have been to 2 lovely castles who were involved in bloodshed with each other from 1100 until 1600 (part of the 100 year war and the religious war fought in France). The families choosing sides against each other time after time and sometimes getting conquered. One castle had a war museum. That was awesome. At the same time it took away the attention from the castle it self. the other was showing it's beautiful self. Nothing else needed.

There was a lovely little castle from the 15th century we saw as well. Not much bloodshed but a lot of money from paying to get by it over the river it's next to. It's gardens were great.

We also visited a fort in a cave. Very special, but the people showing it put so much showpieces in it, you couldn't get the feel nor the sight of being in a fort that's build in a cave The one thing that got stuck in my mind was the collection of torture tools ... Really gruesome !!! We also visited an other place with cave houses. It's cool ... Literally LOL

That wasn't all: the national museum of prehistory was close by. No wonder as the place has an extraordinary reputation of find from cave dwellers and there art ... It's exceptional beautiful. Also impressive is standing in a abri (natural stone shelter were the cavemen lived) that's part off the museum. You can see the valley and you hardly need any imagination seeing yourself up there looking out for a deer to hunt or a fish to catch and the veggies belonging to the meal growing at you feet ....

Of cours I spend most of the time hanging in and out of the pool with a book ... I red to much of them ...

I'm rested and ready to go back to work
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