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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We focus on it.
We do a little bit at a time working toward changing habits.
We feel like it's a struggle.
Frustration hits.
We think "this hurdle is just too high".
We falter.
We get reenergized.
Try again. Focus.
Then something happens.
Months or years go by.
We realize.
Oh my goodness.
I have changed.
It's a rollercoaster.
And worth the ride.
Go for it.


I have to avoid the things that really tempt me. Out of sight, out of mind... or at least out of reach. And lately the decision isn't a forced one. If I'm sitting at a table with a tempting food, I'm less tempted than I used to be, but frankly the foods that have been true weakness points for me just aren't as much of a problem anymore. I still love them. And I never realllllly "craved" them, but if they were in front of me I used to have trouble saying 'no' to them especially if I was alone with them. If I START, they can still be a bit of a problem but not like they used to be.

If I have any particular weakness, it's probably that at heart I'm a breadaholic. ...So. After portioning with care...and then feeling gyped because I can see what I should not have, I no longer worry about having only a little of the lot. Nope. It is amazing to me, but somehow I've crossed some invisible line and now I rarely am tempted to revert to the mindlessness that led to overeating favorites.

I have changed over the past few years.

My breadaholicism is a pretty significant example.

I avoid buying bread for the most part. When I eat it, I eat it slowly with a focus that is probably sign of mental imbalance. In other words I thoroughly enjoy it, and don't just eat it while my mind is elsewhere. Lately I realized that (as a result of my not buying it often???) when I've gotten the bread I have a few slices, forget to 'freeze for another time'....and... are you ready?... end up throwing away this food I no longer am subjected to by a mere whiff because it gets old before I can reach for more.

I forget it. Even beloved fresh-baked rosemary-olive oil bread. I bought some when I had guests for lunch last month, had 1/2 slice with the meal.... and even though over half a loaf was left over...I forgot all about it until it was time to toss.

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    I love my bread too. I also make my own
    olive bread and the smell of fresh bread
    is quite irresistible. I try and freeze as I
    hate throwing food away. Change is good emoticon
    3703 days ago
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