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Monday, May 09, 2011

My blog really only makes sense to someone who has been on this journey INTENSELY for quite a while. My thoughts do NOT apply to someone who's not completed the SP Diet Stages at least once, read so many articles that finding a new one has become a rarity... People here periodically say they're going on a Spark Break. And I'm PLANNING mine right now. Not because I'm busy elsewhere, but because the break is part of the changes I've been making in my life. It's a healthy well-charged bolt of electric Sparks!

Four+ years of making changes has been a lifestyle in itself. If you've been following some of my blogs you'll note that I've been re-thinking many aspects of my life, my journey. It is my time to take a month to just switch things around a bit. I've learned, I've shared, reflected, changed. But never really sat back. I don't mean 'get lazy'. Actually, in a way I mean the opposite. To just go off the grid a while to LIVE,.. Why? Because I feel like reaching out for even more, opening my eyes.

Every day for a while now I've really THOUGHT about many things that are now habit (good habit!) and considered ways to improve upon what I'm doing...or even modify or replace it. Example? One thought dominated other similar considerations today:

My thoughts centered on an activity I'm doing this month to add a change of pace to my routine. I'm doing the Spring bootcamp throughout May. But... even the change isn't right for ME 'as is'. As it is. As I am. Translate as you will.

Bootcamps are really great here at SP as long as you're 20 years old, limber as a gymnist or dancer, able to figure out what Nicole is DOING as she talks, and/or five million other qualifiers. Fact is, they can be downright humiliating reminders of what we canNOT do!

(Participating in this bootcamp is not unlike being sentenced to hard labor for crimes against society. But even the wrongly accused must stick it out unless pardoned and I'm not requesting a pardon because the experience has its merits.)

The videos are a real pain for me, since I have to look at them, sketching them (actually, I did the sketches the first 7 days and just look at the videos AND the sketches for the prescribed time)... then do the exercises in another room, and the back-and-forth motion from computer room to other room is a nuisance. Especially since Nicole doesn't seem tohave a full grasp of compensatory motions kinder on knees and backs which can hurt from a lot of these pressures on aging body part. So as you may guess, I'm doing many of the exercises in my own manner, following along as best I can approximate the movements.... with modifications that make them possible.

Bootcamp. Yup, I'm sort of doing it. And I'm DILIGENTLY 'sort of doing it' at that! lol
Not to 'do the bootcamp', but to just rev up my routine by doing something different.


Where's the Seniors' Stretching-out-the-arthritis Bootcamp?

Wouldn't it be fun to have one like that, with a ninety-three-year-old overweight comedianne in charge?!! Surely that exercise would be more fun AND beneficial when laughing than it is with Nicole's bootcampe... in which I use a lot of energy to avoid whining! And ya know what? If there were such a bootcamp video, THIS gal would love doing it...and just MIGHT feel less like an old fart trying to keep up with a preppy kid. (I was once able to do those routines, ....but....)

Thinking about getting a thick mat for my pt exercises that I do at home. The floor is just too hard. For a long time I thought 'that's too much money', but now I realize NOT having the good thick matt means I'm not doing several exercises that hurt only because I can only do them on a thick matt...and don't have one.

Yup, I'm giving my routines, my patterns, a kick in the butt. Slow, thorough. Examing everything but only as I DO it and add to it.

A post on a team reminded me that many people think that putting ourselves first follows a specific definition. It does not. The blueprint for a building will ensure it stays up instead of falling down, so it should be followed to every nut, bolt and nail. But the blueprint for healthy lifestyle is very personal. I've learned a lot about lifestyle architecture.... but I'm my own life's architect. To carry it further one could say that I feel that I worked hard on researching the title and surveying the property...and now I'm going to step back to do a more thorough survey because I've got the building permit and all the tools. Four years. And the project (aka journey) keeps generating new beginnings.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Have you ever thought of making that video? I would follow it. Maybe sparkpeople has a need for it too. Have you asked one of the coaches if they could get an older coach to lead a senior bootcamp? I would vote for you. Sometimes thinking leads to spiralling of thoughts that bring on the new and needed.
    When I talked about the "I" I didn't mean always put yourself first, but I did mean that we sometimes don't think of ourselves at all. We just stand back in this shadows and let people walk past us, over us, and around us without really seeing us. I was invisible for quite a lot of my life but no more. I am a special person that has a mind and a lot of thoughts rolling around in it. I know that you are quite intelligent Sam and after so much of the same thing, need a break to see where you yourself are headed. What you want to do and what you can do to be you. I know where you are coming from, you just put it better LOL. Don't be gone too long but do what you need to. We will really miss you. Pam
    3689 days ago
    I agree about the bootcamp videos--the cardio is too high impact for some of us...and difficult to follow in my cramped space in front of the computer. That's why I like the strength exercises workout generator I can take with me anywhere. That is a great suggestion for a "senior" style bootcamp!

    I sense a spark break coming up!
    3690 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    Great! And yes, I agree that "that" bootcamp would be awesome!
    3690 days ago
    Awesome blog. Thank you. emoticon
    3690 days ago
  • CHAS1949
    You are doing for yourself what no coach can know....you know you. You know where the dangers are and compensating in a structured program might be awfully hard. You are in a place where you understand lifestyle change...YOUR OWN changes...

    Just keep going like you are...get a mat if you want to...or not. Do exercises that work for you and don't feel bad about the 20 year old ones that don't.
    3690 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3690 days ago
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