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Biggest Loser Contest at Work

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I work in Benefits and HR Operations in HR at a Major Hospital. A woman I work with is putting out a Wellness Newsletter about getting healthy, etc. So, I was reading of a few Nursing Departments that were having a Biggest Loser Challenge at work. So, I had the bright idea that HR should have a biggest loser contest. Well, the woman at work thought it would even be a better idea to follow me and my weight loss as well as a little group weight loss. This might be some motivation...Eeeek. So, it's supposed to last for 6 months. I think this is going to be really hard, but I think I might be able to help others and let them know they are not alone. Below is what I wrote for my introduction. It's not the FINAL thing but it's close. There are about 8,000 employees, so people may actually read this...eeek again.

Hi, my name is June and I’ve worked at Swedish since February of 1999. Originally, I’m from Kansas City, Missouri – home of some of the best Barbeque in the U.S. I’ve been overweight since I was 13 years old, of course when I was that age, I thought I was a LOT larger than I really was. I’ve had a lot of hard knocks in my life from some pretty awful things happening in my childhood to my brother committing suicide, to a really bad marriage, a divorce, to my dad dying of Parkinson’s Disease, and a few other things that were pretty traumatic…in my mind, those gave me some great excuses to medicate my emotions with food, it gave me comfort, but the feeling doesn’t last long and I just want more. I’m usually the type of person that loves to experience all things in life, I love to try new foods, new adventures, meet new friends, hang out with old friends, I don’t want to get to my death bed and regret anything. I’m hoping my deathbed will be when I’m nice and elderly, but if I keep going at the rate I am now, it could be a lot sooner than what I am hoping. I am pre-diabetic (which means I can have full blown diabetes at any minute), I have seen what diabetes can do to people and I don’t want to mess around with that. I also have high blood pressure, both of these diseases are completely weight related, if I drop the weight I can manage both of them. I love life and I love myself and who I am, I just don’t love what I am doing to my body right now.

There are so many other reasons besides being healthy that I want to lose weight: I want to not have to worry about going into a restaurant and worry if I’m going to fit into a booth or sit in a flimsy chair; I want to walk up a flight of stairs or a hill without feeling out of breath; I want to go hiking without feeling my heart is going to explode; I want to ride a roller coaster (right now I can’t fit in the seats); I want to fly on a plane without having to use the seatbelt extender; I want to sit on the bus without having people not want to sit by me because they don’t have enough room; I want nice, successful men to give me a second look, not just the homeless man on the corner who tells me how much he likes a woman with meat on her bones, lol; I want to walk into a regular department store and not have to search for the larger women’s section; I am a singer and want to stand up on stage in a slinky dress and not worry about people thinking how large I am instead of what a great singer I am. I believe no one should wait until they are “thin” before they do what they want to do, it’s important to not sit there and let life pass you by but feeling healthier can make a difference on a lot of the activities I do. I really don’t believe in being thin, I just want to be happy and healthy.

SO, this is the reason I decided to start our Biggest Loser Challenge in HR. I can’t do this on my own, I have tried for years and something has happened to where I’ve given up after a month or two and started gaining again. I am around my coworkers a lot more than my other friends. If we can motivate each other and help keep each other stay on track, then let’s do it! So, we are going to try this for 6 months, I hope by then eating healthier and exercising will become second nature to us. I heard a really good saying: If you focus on the past don't let it become your future (or something like that), it's so true. When I fall off the wagon big time and start again, I have that little voice in the back of my head saying that I'm going to mess it up anyway, so why bother. I’ve just got to take it one day or sometimes one hour at a time. I have used our Passport card to get a discount at Curves and plan to do that 3 to 4 times a week, also going to ride the bus and get off at 3rd and Pike and walk to MetPark downtown at least 4 times a week. I think it’s a good start. So we will see how this first month goes…
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