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Blood work results in - Whoo Hooo

Monday, October 31, 2011

I had my bloodwork done this weekend and got my results back. I was interested in seeing if my diet and excercise had made a noticable difference - because one of my goals is to reduce / get off some of the meds that I'm on.

I realize that I'm probably stuck with the BP meds, as I've got a long family history, but really wanted to go after the cholesterol med.

Well, after starting Spark in June here are my numbers (now & last blood test):

Total Cholesterol: 159/171
HDL: 68/53
LDL: 61/59
Triglycerides: 148/298
LDL/HDL Ratio: 0.9/1.11

Whoo hoo for me!!

I know I've put a few of the pounds back on in October from me being down 15 (primarily due to not so much excercise), but this has definitely given me the SPARK to get fully back on track.

So, for those out there that want to know if this works WITHOUT DIETING, here you go. I'm proof.

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