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I eat more fruit and veg by 9AM...

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

…than I used to eat all week.

I wish I were kidding. This is a huge thing for me, mostly because of the vegetables part. I LOVE vegetables, but—here is my dirty secret—I hate salad. I HATE it. The greens make me gag, give me heartburn, and never, ever seem to fill me up. I think rabbits and hamsters must secretly steal away to the land of starchy carbs and fats every now and again to not maintain a constant state of homicidal hunger.

But my Virtuous side knows I need vegetables. Especially green ones. Leafy green ones. And so of course, it was inevitable that the Green Smoothie sensation would find its way to me

Green smoothies are a manifestation of the idea that, if pureed with enough fresh fruit, any raw vegetable is bearable. This meant that when I knew I should eat spinach but the very thought of a big fat spinach salad seemed to sap me of my will to live, I could say to my Self, “Okay, Self, don’t get wrapped around the axle. Nobody’s going to ask you to eat a salad. But how would you liiiiiiike… a delicious mango-banana-spnchnnn smoothie? What? I said mango-banana smoothie, that’s all (*cough* with spinach *cough*)!” And it was delish.

So you know how there was always that kid at college parties who SWORE you “can’t even taste” the vodka in whatever Highly Suspect Beverage was being served to giggly freshmen, and yet you might as well have knocked back a sip of your best friend’s Zippo lighter if you were going for a similar taste?

That is *not* what I mean when I say you can’t taste the spinach. I really mean you can’t taste it. My spinachometer would never have let me drink it in peace if that were the case. And no heartburn! And the best part is… OH THE VIRTUE. So much virtue! (soon I will write an Extremely Boring Blog Post about the difference (in my mind) between “Virtue” and “Righteousness.” That’s a nail- biter you won’t want to miss.)

These days, I can get a paper cut or snag the tape oh-so-grotesquely on the dispenser and before I even start to break down, I can remind myself that I have already had TWO servings of vegetables and THREE servings of fruits already. The whole “5 to 7 per day goal?” NAILED IT. And it’s not even 10:00!

If you’re interested in the fruit-veggie-smoothie thing, let me know. I’m as happy to dish out knowledge, recipes, and advice as I am to blather on about my extremely dull personal habits. All part of the extended service contract here at stefanie114.

Next time on As The Navel Gazes, we discuss Small Victories In Nutrition Tracking.
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