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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I was in such a wonderful mood yesterday morning! April was off to a great start; cardio, ST, tracking my food, eating all my freggies, drinking lots and lots of water. Because of all of those things I was feeling great! I was so positive that my Spark 'status' read: RICEANDBEANS thinks that April is off to a great start Spark-wise. And with that I think I jinxed myself, proceeding to fall off the wagon and land face first in a mess of bad food choices.

I was starving all day long yesterday. It didn't help matters that I only packed a salad for lunch. No matter how large the salad, or what I put in it, it never keeps me satisfied. I brought the salad because I knew, for breakfast, I was going to give into my pregnancy craving of a tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil sandwich from the Italian bakery down the street from my office. While the sandwich is not necessarily bad for me, it is, however, very caloric (but hey, I went into the bakery and only got a sandwich and none of the beautiful, sweet delicacies that were staring at me from their pretty glass case).

I had snacks on had, and they were healthy snacks, but the numbers still add up. By the time I was on my way home, I was very close to my maximum SP calorie allowance for the day, with only the added baby calories I give myself (and extra 300/day for the baby) remaining. I had a very healthy dinner experiment stewing in the crock pot, but knew that I would still probably end up going over my limit, based on how hungry I was feeling. I decided to just eat until I was no longer hungry and not stress about the numbers.

Well, the healthy crock pot experiment was an epic fail. I was so mad, and I was upset about the waste of food because I had made a rather large amount, planning freeze some of it for meals at a later time. Discouraged, I picked up the phone and called for delivery, greasy delivery.

To top that off, I had to bake for my son's preschool fundraiser. I totally gave in, licked the spoon (I know exactly where my eggs come from and don't worry all that much about salmonella, even being pregnant), cleaned out the batter bowl, and even ate the pieces that I butchered while slicing the pumpkin bread. I was already going over my calories for the day, why not go way over, right. Ugh! I felt disgusting and miserable all night long.

I keep telling myself that today is a new day, a fresh start, but I am still disappointed in myself. I started the day with a 3.25 mile walk before the sun came up to put myself in the proper frame of mind. Now let's just see if I can stay here.

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    Me too...a few a week lately it seems...but you gotta pick yourself up and get movin again or that down on ya part makes it seem soooo much worse then it actually is...so brush it off and get movin!!!
    3400 days ago
    I have been there before Meg! My thinking always goes to "Well I've screwed up so might as well make it a royal screw up." Don't be too hard on yourself though! We all have days like that. Hope today was a much better day for you!
    3402 days ago
    I would have to say, starting the day with a mega walk like you did is a fabulous day already:)
    Soooo, how has the day been?
    I can completely empathize with you...been there...done that...and done it again:)
    Everyday really is a new day and you get to choose what kind of day it will be.

    3402 days ago
  • JANDK156
    Did anyone else hear Sean Connery saying, "delivery, greasy delivery"? Maybe it was just me emoticon . What about throwing tuna or some plain yet seasoned grilled chicken into your salad? Or what about making yourself a vegetable soup? Soup is great at filling you up more before a meal so you eat less. And hey, you could have binged on cake or something, so it's not as bad as it could have been, and you probably burned a fair bit of that off with your nice long walk. Just try not to go there again.
    3402 days ago
    Oh, I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes the status updates (or even blogs) get me, too. I post one thing, then find myself going in the complete opposite direction. All in all, though, it sounds like you didn't go nearly as crazy as you could have. Don't be too hard on yourself, k? The quote you put at the end is great!!
    3402 days ago
    If I had a dollar for everyday like that, I would be a rich lady!!!! Don't beat yourself up, and just keep trying!!!!!!:-)
    3402 days ago
    A good day turned into a bad day. Oh well. We've all been there. Just don't let it snowball into a row of bad days. You are on top of this! Starting by writing this blog.

    And I can't do salads either. I always feel like I need more.

    Hope today is great!
    3402 days ago
    Don't be down on yourself! I've had days like that -- in fact, the past couple have been just like that. A few things... First, there are times when you just feel hungry because you need the extra calories. You're growing a baby, after all! Second, I started eating salads for lunch recently and like you, they weren't filling me up. So I started adding things like walnuts, eggs, and cheese. I find if add these items, even though they add calories, I feel satisfied. As long as I measure them out and count the calories, they really do make me feel fuller longer. Third, as the PPs say, today is a new day. It's up to you to make it the most that you can. Put yesterday behind you and don't even think about tomorrow. Just do your best today and that's all we can ever ask of ourselves.

    emoticon emoticon
    3402 days ago
    Today is a new day! You will make good choices and you will succeed! Good luck!
    3402 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Meg, epic fails and face-falling happen. The important thing is you moved on and today IS a new day. Make the most of it!!!

    3402 days ago
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