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April Week 1 - Elite WUB

Saturday, April 07, 2012

All in all, the first week of April was a success. Despite Tuesday's binge and a little too much Easter candy, I managed to meet all of my goals for the most part.

Revisiting my April goals...

1. Walk a minimum of 15 miles per week - emoticon Ended the week with a total of 15.77 walking miles, as well as a few on the elliptical.

2. Strength training, especially upper body, at least 4x per week - emoticon I had hoped to squeeze a 5th day in today, but ran out of time and energy.

3. A minimum of 5 freggie servings per day - emoticon Easy peasy.

4. Eliminating the pile of laundry in the spare room - While the pile is still there, it is decreasing in size. I also managed to wash, fold , and put away laundry as opposed to adding it to the pile. I didn't get as far as I would've liked on this chore, but spent a lot of time going through old clothes and baby clothes in preparation for the pre-school yard sale next weekend. Once the yard sale is behind me I should be able to devote my undivided attention to the pile o' clothes in the spare bedroom.

Kicking up my Sparking definitely helped me to stay focused this week, even with the little slip-ups. They say you can expect to gain 1-1.5 lbs. per week your last trimester. Thanks to Sparking, I managed to keep it to .3 this week. That made me happy.

Speaking of happy, Happy Easter, everyone!
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