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May, Week 3 (Better late than never...)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My apologies to my GONE team members... I had every intention of posting this last night, but was so wiped after the baseball game that I snuggled the kiddos to sleep and totally passed out myself...

Week 3 had ups and downs, but I managed to meet most of my goals.

1. Track my food and stay within my recommended calorie range at least 4 days a week -
Done, though I need to focus on tracking the bad days. I do good up until the point that I realize I am going to go over, and then I give up on the tracking.

2. Walk 12-15 miles per week - 14.91

3. Limit my meat-containing meals - I was doing really well this week, until some cravings hit me on Friday, and then the baseball game yesterday. I did say no to the heavenly smelling hot dogs and had a turkey burger instead, but...

4. Strength training, 4x a week - DONE!

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