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What's On My Salad?

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer is in full swing, and there's nothing like a cool salad made from fresh summer produce for dinner. I try to find the best organic veggies to put in my salads, and I might add some yummy grains or pasta along with beans and whatever else looks good. When it comes time to serve dinner, what's the best choice for a dressing?

I like light salad dressings though I find myself using salsa, vinegar, or squeezes of lime or lemon more and more now that I am paying attention to everything I eat, not just some items. I read the salad dressing labels. Hmm, 10 grams of fat - I put that bottle back on the shelf. Eew, what are those round things floating in that bottle? Oh, here's an organic one - great! I'm glad I bought that one. Oops! I didn't read the nutrition label - 10 grams of fat! Organic doesn't nessarily mean healthy, does it? Whew! Safe! Everything on this label seems to be OK. What! What's in that fine print on the ingredient list? Ingredient list?! Does anything on this list occur in nature? Why isn't reading the nutrition label enough? How small is that print?! I'm going to need new glasses just to read the label! It's just salad dressing! Arg!

After reading this article, I think I'll just make my own www.organicgardening.com
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