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Saturday, August 04, 2012

I bought a Vogue magazine this morning. There was an article about a 101 year old woman. She said she had taught a class in Jewish humor. Here is one of her--apparently true--stories.
The mother of a famous daughter was being interviewed. The interviewer said, "You're very young looking, how old are you."
The woman said, "I'm 48."
The interviewer said, "But your daughter is 52."
She answered, "Well, she leads her life; I lead mine." emoticon

So, on my next birthday, I'll be 50. You might say, but your daughter is 45. And I will say,
"Well, she leads her life, and I lead mine."

I'm not going to leave my Over 60 team, though. They won't mind having a 50-year-old member.
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