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Information you don't want to hear

Thursday, August 16, 2012

***PARENTAL ADVISORY!!! This blog contains words that MAY "offended" some audiences. Viewer Discretion is advised!

So I'm making my page public for a few days just so that everyone can read this. If I reach just one person, it may be worth it.

No one likes to see/hear the truth. It's so much nicer and happy when you ignore the dirty sink and stay in your nice cozy bedroom, in denial of what is really going on out in the real world. In fact, I read it right here on Spark in one of their articles on How to be a more positive/happy person! Believe me, I of all people need a little positivity and joy in my miserable brain, so I read this article hoping to find some answers. It told me (and the millions of others who may read it) to choose which news you want to see/hear/read. News is depressing, especially when it's something you don't agree with or makes you sad. I'm paraphrasing here, but that is what it said. If I could remember where on this giant site I read it, I would share the link. The point is, I couldn't believe what I was reading. A program invented to help people be healthier, stronger, more well balanced overall was telling the masses to pull the wool over their eyes and calmly move on with their lives. I was appalled to the point I almost stopped coming here. I have always sworn that EVERYONE should get non-biased news information. And the fact that it is nearly impossible to do this with today's lame-stream media anyway is bad enough! But to have "experts" say "Don't listen to everything, only watch what makes you happy." is down right grotesque!

That being said, I can tell you that I do not have one favorite news channel. In fact I hate them all. I watch some here and there and try to read between the MSNBC/FOX lines to try and find the truth, I search the internet for "reputable" sources, but most importantly I READ LEGISLATURE to find out what my senators/congressmen/president
s are REALLY up to. THIS is where you find the truth... at least as much as they will tell you. I know. Politics are boring. I couldn't agree more. But to be truly informed, you HAVE to deal with "boring" subjects. Even if they say things you don't want to hear.

I'll admit, I do not go through every article/bill/executive order (which is where you will find how fu(ked up your president really is). I rely on good friends to do a lot of the ground work. But I know they are reliable. I am well known for being "the crazy conspiracy lady"... But I base my conspiracies on facts. Facts that you can chose to ignore to "stay happy" or facts you can look at and get slapped in the face of how screwed up this country really is. For god's sake, RUSSIA makes fun of the US for becoming too "communist"!!!

So, sadly, as grossed out as I was, I decided to step back. I didn't read only what made me happy. I read all the same stuff, but I left a place where it was streaming in front of my face 24/7. I will agree, I became a happier person! I was less stressed overall! And then I get some information that slapped me so hard back into reality, I may just completely lose my sh!t. Do I hide back under a rock and try to forget what this world is coming to? Hide in my exercise and pretend life will go on? I'm sure there are plenty of people who will say "you are SO overreacting!" or "I'm sure the government has reasons for this." And you can continue to wear those rose coloured glasses. That's fine with me, but as I said at the beginning, if I reach just one-even if it does no good in the long run- One more set of eyes was open.

Below are links to information that will prove to you this government is not only hiding something, but expecting something serious to go down. I will make bets that it eventually falls around the election. I have my suspicions on what it could be (which is where the conspiracy comes into play) but where it ends will be riots, martial law, and a second Hitler-esque-sh!t-show. Enjoy the truth.


and if you can't handle Infowars as truth (I'll be the first to admit they can get a little silly here, and crazy people use them as god, but you'd be amazed how much fact they actually have) - here is what backs it up:


Upon further review, you will see NOAA has cancelled their order due to the fact that it was the "wrong ammunition", but what does that mean? Not much... probably that they will put in another order soon.

And then the good ol' Social Security Administration.
Click on the first PDF titled "SSA-RFQ-12-1851" and scroll to page 4 to see what they ordered.


So tell me Shiny Happy People, What does the NWS, NOAA, and SSA need with hollow point ammunition? I mean really? A bullet that will cause severe and heinous damage to whatever it comes in contact with?

"Looking through rose-coloured, stained-glass windows. Never allowing the world to come in. Seeing no evil and feeling no pain, making the light that comes within so dim."
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD13271826
    U rock, gold dust mommy. Somebody somewhere is pulling the oil and gas chain and is playing the public like a cheap violin(shadow government?) emoticon
    3127 days ago
  • KRYSTL719
    Just wanted to let you know I have personal friends in the militia. A national militia, ready to up and leave their homes around election time. The word is do not travel around that time, you will not make it back home. I can give you more information. If you have a FB account, I can give you the right people to contact with more info.
    3190 days ago
    Subscribe to PJTV on YouTube. They are a VERY honest news outfit. They let their reporters report! There is also a local fox news in the AZ region (I forgot which it is, but it's all over youtube and the Paul campaign posts things from then occasionally) that has a segment that digs through bills and truths and tells you what is really going on. If only all news was like that- maybe America wouldn't be so stupid... umm I mean "uneducated"
    3230 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12600191
    Buying up massive ammunitions immediately after they failed to pass that big UN gun ban under the radar. They were so quiet about that bill, I was very relieved when it didn't go through (also reported on infowars and NONE of the major news sources!) First they want to disarm the citizens, then they want to buy a bunch of bullets. There is something hinky going on and I don't like it.
    3231 days ago
    I think people just need to stand up and say something! If everyone stopped watching the news for a week in protest, they MIGHT change their ways... it would be better if they just stop watching all together! But that will never happen. People don't know how to protest in this country. and because we have let "them" get the control they have, once the protest starts, it will be a mess... a really big mess.

    The RNC is in less than 2 weeks. All we can hope for is that Ron Paul gets the ticket in one way or another. Otherwise too many people will write in his name on the ballot and take votes away from Romney (not that I like him any) and that will keep Obama in office. Not that it matters, because Romney is no better than Obama. He's just lighter and richer. But they are one in the same when it comes to the puppet masters. Paul is the ONLY hope for this country. He will be the one who repeals things like the Patriot Act and NDAA, as well as other things that have taken our Constitution away. And if he doesnt get the ticket, I know there will be an uproar. It's all a matter of who really cares about their freedom in the long run who will be roaring.

    And you are right about the educational system. We have been brainwashed for almost 100 years to "Obey" and become dependent and not to think for ourselves. I swear the government is using "1984" as a handbook rather than a warning.
    3233 days ago
    It certainly does no one any good to live life hiding from the truth, and it is a sad commentary on our society that we are willing to put up with the current situation with a media that slants everything to promote its own agendas.

    Any ideas how we can get our fellow Americans to expect better from the media and our elected officials??

    Unfortunately the government also controls the educational system in this country and they are intent on creating a nation of tolerance and mediocrity rather than virtue and greatness.
    3233 days ago
    I'm not sure why it is coming up with a 404 when clicked on, but if you copy the link and paste it into your address bar, it works. I tried it to make sure. Thanks for letting me know :)
    3234 days ago
    hey thanks for posting the first one came up ,but the last two said server not found, can you check out why it did not come up. it said to make sure the address was correct
    3234 days ago
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