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pushing will get me 'there': the do-or-die-tryin' plan grows

Sunday, August 19, 2012

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For some people, pushing means just doing more and having a little ache in the muscle. For me, it's all-out energy expenditure with a lot of fibromyalgia setback.... with the goal to push through the pain to see whether it can be expelled. Easing pain is a more important goal to me than losing pounds, and I am trying to push through to see if reving my metabolism to lose pounds will give me the results that must be logical. Less weight must MUST reduce the symptoms of my FMS and the arthritic spine. Do or die tryin' is no light phrase: it's my motto for this Fall '12 and Spring '13. Heck I would change my user name to that except people 'merely' working toward weight loss would get the wrong impression.

The predictable aches from increasing my activity level are bearable, a combination of 'normal' muscle pain with the fms response of muscles to activity. This weekend I've 'relaxed', using gentle stretches and lots of time spent with back plastered to the heating pad. Getting ready for tomorrow, the beginning of Week Two of the preamble to my schedule of pool therapy and Y classes.

Tomorrow morning begins Week Number Two of my increased activity level schedule.
Ok, officially, the plan takes form in a few weeks, but as of last week I've been easing into the plan so it's not a major shock come almost-mid September!

Tomorrow morning? After changing into my stretchy White Stag pants and comfy t-shirt, I'll first do my 20-minute version of stretching, then drive to the Y. At the Y, I'll do an abbreviated version of the workout that is my Tuesday and Thursday workout plan starting 9/10; the focus of this 'abbreviated' workout uses a few of the machines hooked up to FitLinxx. Once done, I just hop in the car and drive another mile to go to the physical therapy office to exercise in the hot pool. I plan to do this on all three pool days - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Friday, however, I must leave a little earlier, because I'll again do the walk in weight class for 45 minutes before pool. So Friday: stretch, drive, machines, class, drive, pool, drive... and collapse at home in a puddle (?) lol

Tuesday and Thursday:
These will be mid-day chair yoga classes in a few weeks.
Though I plan to do the machines before or after the classes when they start, I will for the next few weeks call Tuesday and Thursday my machine days.
Both before and after classes start, Tuesday and Thursday are also my day to work through mat exercises at home, combining my therapy pelvic-tilt program with exercises we set up at the Y to do either there or at home.

The above loose schedule (loose? it's more plan than I've had since I stopped working!) is my way of easing into the program/schedule that officially will begin on September 9th but unofficially went into super warm-up as of last week.

I've never felt so strongly as I have the past few weeks about being willing to put it all on the line. No getting around it: this is tough and will get harder. Sure hope my friends will support me if I need it.

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    I think you are wisely doing what you need to do.

    You know it will be a challenge. You know to prepare your body by PRE-paring it for activity and slowly easing in to the movements. You have all the tools you need to bring your plan to life.

    In 2 months from now, you will be past this initial wake up call to your muscles and enjoy untold results! But, for now, it can be challenging and I will be here for you all the way. 2# bags for frozen peas can be good friends also. As good as heat feels, it is cold that stops the inflammation process while heat exacerbates it. I was told to use ice then heat then ice then heat with alternations being about 5 minutes each for about 3-5 reps. Hourly. The ice took a bit to adjust to but the wisdom behind it helped me accept it as a viable plan.

    Thing is, as much as I may dislike using ice, it does do wonders to shorten the discomfort period. So, just throwing it out as an option. Towels can be used to buffer the cold and protect your skin.

    I admire your courage and determination. Now, I need to do my own workout for the day! Enjoy your day! I wish I could do all your workouts with you! They sound so fun!

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    3185 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Sounds like a great plan and you are doing great. emoticon
    3186 days ago
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