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SO apparently, I Offend People

Saturday, September 08, 2012

I posted on a random message board thread. I don't remember which now- It's been at least a month. Instead of replying to my question/statement, someone asked me why I had an upside down flag as a picture and if I was "anti-America." What's more is that she didn't want an explanation to maybe-I don't know- understand it/me better. She wanted a yes or no to being anti-America. SO, me being me, I couldn't just say yes or no. I very politely and simply explained what an upside down flag stands for and why it is my picture. I heard nothing back.... until now.

She decided to send me a PM telling me that there were political groups I could join to "let off steam" and to PLEASE take my flag down because it offended her. Mind you, I have not come across this woman's posts anywhere else but the one place originally mentioned (that I have noticed), so I am really not too sure how I could be constantly offending her with my horrendous profile picture. But she also proceeded to tell me that from looking at my blog post comments, I have offended other people as well. From the comments left on my blogs that I can see, I have never once seen anywhere my picture or comments have offended people. I'm not saying they haven't. I'm sure those whom I have offended have simply not commented. But there is nothing stated anywhere that anyone is truly bothered by my pictures or my words. I simply suggested that maybe she was misreading people's comments if she thought I offended them. I also suggested that she block me if I am that offensive with a picture she is refusing to try to understand- or at least hear the "other side" about.

What it comes down to is this. I have no problem listening when you want to tell me I offended you with something I said or did. Sometimes I say and do things without thinking it through thoroughly, and this has inadvertently hurt some. I never TRY to hurt or offend people, but I FULLY believe in speaking the truth and not holding things in.

I am a Constitutionalists. I believe this country should be run according to the constitution. I believe the American Flag is a sign of freedom, honor, and Patriotism. I also believe this country is in the biggest sh!t-hole it's been in since it's inception 236 years ago (and before)! We need to be aware of this, we need to stand up for this, and we need honor those who have died for this by showing them a sign that they did not die in vane! I will not sit by idly and watch my country be torn apart from the inside and not voice my opinion about it!

I WILL fly my flag upside down because we ARE a people in distress! And if you are offended by my dedication to what this country stands for- freedom for ALL; no matter religious or political affiliation, race or ethnicity - then YOU are the one who is anti-America, and YOU are the one who is most offensive of all!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i always find it almost comical that some people can find the little irrelevant detail to allow themselves (and yes we allow or disallow ourselves to be offended) to be offended by without looking at the big picture.

    how about...i'm offended by her trying to infringe on your first amendment rights. if one REALLY loves this country, it should be reasonable to assume that one would have to love the foundation of this country, which is the constitution.

    love love love people who pick and choose their symbolic trinkets of patriotism. NOT
    3209 days ago
    I'm with you.
    3211 days ago
    Joanne, you rock honey. It's ok to voice your opinion. I don't always agree with you on everything but, I would never ask you to change your opinion....or take down your picture.
    3211 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5927538
    came across your blog through mutual friend feed....love it.....that is what is wrong with this country, you cant speak your opinion because you might offend someone....i believe everyone has the right to their own opinion but that it needs to me done in a mature manner...it seems you did this....
    3211 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12236521
    Since this site is about getting healthy and weight management, I don't agree with all the political or religious posts. So, I normally avoid them. BUT, that is not to say that you (or anyone) don't have the right to post them. I'm sure that there have been things that I have posted that has offended people.

    I think that we all would agree that freedom of speech is more important. For many of us, this is one of the few places that we can voice our opinions without ridicule. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree and let things go.

    3211 days ago
    I certainly think people have the right to be offended. They also have the right to ask you to alter your behavior. Of course, you also have the right to refuse.

    While I certainly have some grievances with our current government, claiming that it is at its lowest point in 236 years is a bit of a stretch. As recently as sixty years ago, Baptists were delivering death threats to southern Catholics, rape was considered a virtual myth, and blacks weren't allowed in many places (despite some laws to the contrary). Especially in the early years of the U.S., espousing a religion different from the mainstream would lead to your exile from some New England colonies.

    It's easy to read the Constitution, devoid of actual context and enforcement, and think that our country was once marvelously better than today (assuming you skip parts like the 3/5 compromise). In reality, the country was not that golden.
    3211 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5128667
    Seriously, I think that person has serious issues that need to be addressed!!!!!

    Sheesh - what is wrong with some people?

    3211 days ago
    that is the good thing about the US.. everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    3211 days ago
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