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Deep thoughts, by...me

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ok, so maybe not deeeep thoughts but my thoughts none the less-haha. Just random thoughts about getting ready to leave for 3 days without the rest of the family.

Today is Thursday and I am going to be running my first half on Saturday.

I am on week3 of homeschooling and I LOVE IT! It is so awesome for our family. That being said, it has made my days look sooooo different. I am used to having a big chunk of the day to knock off MY to-do-list. I cannot find that time anywhere. It seems like I am going going going, accomplishing schooling, running and the very basics(laundry, food prep and a smidgen of cleaning). I know balance will get better but I am just not there yet. Maybe all those other things I used to get done aren't that important?

I just found out that the race starts at 10:45am! What a crappy start time. For me, that's late. I have been running early in the morning with a, somewhat, empty belly. On my long runs, I have something small, like a banana or a shake, before I tackle the distance. This totally works the best for me. What the heck am I going to do? By 10:45, I will be hungry. I have never ran with a meal in me. Hmmm? I'm going to pack a cooler so I will have options for food that morn but it still makes me a bit nervous-I was told not to do anything race day that I haven't done during training and I will be doing the exact opposite.

This race is 4hours from my home. My sister and I are leaving Friday afternoon and saying "bye bye" to the whole family-2 hubbys & 7 kids! Think they'll miss us?haha. We'll miss them.

I am not sure how responsibilities are shared when both parents leave to go to work everyday. In my home, hubby and I have some very specific roles with certain responsibilities and then we have other areas that get done by either one of us. He is a mega motivated man so when he gets home from being gone for 12hours every single day, he jumps right in without a word from me. This has been a huge blessing to our marriage and raising the kids. I couldn't imagine a man that comes home & wants to watch TV or go for drinks with the guys. He says it all the time, his family is his #1 priority. Needless to say, our family flows the best when we both are home, sharing all the duties. Of course, it makes it easier.

I have never written about this on any blog or comment BUT I need to mention it. I got my period(or should I say TOM???-I don't know blog etiquette) anyways, I got it a week and a half early!!!!!!!!!! I am so not happy about this. Cramps, bloating...you know, all the great things that go with it. Why so early? Stress? Anxiety? I have definitely had leaving my family and the race on the brain so that could be it. I don't know but I am not cool with this:(:(:( And now I have to run with a tampon in my water bottle-come on! Not expecting that-booooo! OK, I'm over it. Just needed to give a BOOO shout out to mother nature. Thanks mother nature!

I cannot wait to show you, my friends, the pictures of this race location. It's the Rocky Mountains-huge, towering mountains with fresh air and a wonderful atmosphere. The icing on the cake is being able to spend this weekend with my sister. Nobody to interrupt our conversation...just good ol' sister time...with a half marathon to run.

We are staying till Sunday so we'll get some "go out" time Saturday night. Should be fun.

If you've read this till now, thanks friends. It's a few things that are running through my mind today and I want to capture it so when I look back I can remember this week.

Have a great day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Just reading this now...
    That is so great that your husband is so motivated & helpful.
    Also, congrats on homeschooling! It can be a challenge some (most?) days, but is also rewarding.
    3221 days ago
    I am obviously way too late on reading this blog to offer you any encouragement, but I wanted to read it anyway. :) And I should've read it before I commented on your page, as I now know the answer to my homeschooling question! I'm glad you love it!

    P.S. Your husband sounds incredible! I'm very thankful to be able to say that mine acts a whole lot like how yours sounds. What a blessing, huh?
    3231 days ago
    GOOD LUCK!!!
    3238 days ago
    I'm excited too!!! Your going to do AWESOME!!! Despite the early arrival...BOO...I'm soooo looking forward to all the pics...great location. It's going to be wonderful!!!!
    3239 days ago
    It all (well mostly) sounds so fun. If you eat something easy to digest well before the race you'll be fine. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the results. You and sis have a great time!
    3239 days ago
  • APED7969
    Have a great race! Sounds like you'll have a blast. I would have something like toast and peanut butter or bagel and peanut butter or cereal or oatmeal about 2 hours before. I aim for 300-400 calories. It has digested enough after two hours and gives me energy. Or you could try two small meals, your usual shake/bananna when you get up then again closer to the race maybe the same amount of time ahead that you usually eat it. Good luck!!
    3239 days ago
    So exciting!!! And as a fellow early morning runner, I agree - What up 10:45 start time?!?!?! I'm so envious of you, running in the Rockies, AND a weekend with your sister - both totally awesome things! ENJOY! (and post pics!!)
    3239 days ago
    I am so excited for you!!!!!!!! The start time would freak me out a bit too. I would stick with bagel, or bread and peanut butter. No fruit other than banana. I can't do smoothies before runs, but you know your body best.
    And boo Mother Nature! At least it came today and not the morning of the race, right??! That's my biggest fear.
    Enjoy this special time with your sister. Take mental pictures. Be inspired by all the other runners. Cry at the finish line! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
    3239 days ago
    I am so happy that you are getting a sister weekend and that you are running your first HM with her! How exciting! Sorry to hear about mother nature putting a wrench in things though. It very well could be stress that made her react so early. How great that your hubby is so involved and proactive when it comes to home life. You're a lucky girl! (and he's definitely lucky to have you too!) I hope you have a great weekend and I can't wait to hear about how it goes! Good luck girl!! emoticon
    3239 days ago
  • DRAK416
    GL on run
    3239 days ago
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