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5% challenge, Q5

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

What can you improve upon?

**Add strength training back into my workout

What I really need to do is feel better and get rid of this cold. I think this is the tail end of it, or at least I'm hoping. I really miss exercising. If it was nicer out- at least I could walk, but it's just too crappy out. My asthma will act up and I'll just get worse. Vicious cycle. I'm still dog tired and just wiped out when I get home.
More snow is on the way.... emoticon

**Less sweets/candy/sugar

Less sweets is going well. Haven't had much of an appetite for sweets lately, with the exception of the cookie yesterday and godiva on Sunday. But I didn't 'need' either one of the those, so I guess I could just be better at saying no.
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