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Today is a fresh start

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First I have to admit that I have not been following the right path for the past month and it shows, a 10 pound weight gain and between .5 - 1" gain in the areas they want you to measure.
So now I have to take a good look at me and figure out where I went wrong.
1. Eating too much.
2. Eating the wrong things
3. Turning to food instead of here.
4. Not keeping my journal every day.
5. Not working out.
6. putting everything off till tomorrow.
7. Not liking myself enough to do what I know I should be doing.
8. Being depressed over things which I have no control.
9. Making excuses for myself instead of changing me.
10. Turning back into the me that I'm trying to change.

Now comes the why.
Here I would have to say through my own fault and just giving up on me.
I have to admit to myself I like the candy, ice cream and all the things I shouldn't eat. I'm the kind of person who knows what to do but has a hard time just doing it. I feel like I'm under a lot of stess but that is a excuse and I don't want to make them any more.

What am I doing to do to change this around.
1. Measure what I eat
2. Eat healthy
3. Go to sleep instead of raiding the food.
4. Have the kids put their candy and things away in their room.
5. Work out everyday. Get back to the me I used to be.
6. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, do everything I can to get out of the trouble I'm in and stop waiting for tomorrow to come as it never does.
7. stop the excuses.
8. Limit my time on the computer. Too much time on here doesn't leave enough time to workout.
9. Do my journal each and every day.
10. Do what ever it takes to feel good about myself again.

Now this does sound like a new and better plan for me. I will make this the fresh start day. I will make this day April 24 as the first day of this path for me.
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  • ACLINE9527
    I see U have not blog'd in almost a year now. I find this really helps me to look back and see where I have come from. Keep going Darlene. Anna emoticon
    4776 days ago
    I've had to do something similar.

    Banned all forms of junk food from our house except for a few items that I greatly dislike AND that is kept on the top shelf in the pantry too high up for me to see or reach... it is my husbands white chocolate and beef jerky.

    Threw out ALL food, condiments, spices, everything that was in my house in February. Left the house with zero food for an entire weekend. Then have only bought products that fit in to my diet after looking at the nutritional labels on the shelf.

    Avoid the center isles of the grocery store until it is absolutely needed. The center isles are where all the carbs and condiments are. We have Hellman's light mayo, and my husbands lunch pack salad dressings on the top shelf. And I got celery seeds. I can tell you the few items that I got from the center isles which I could not have done in the past.

    Focus on getting 25-35 in Fiber every day, then fill in the diet with meat. Fruit and veggies as a side for everything. This has naturally cut my carbs and calories and the ones that I do get, are from healthy sources. We now only use Nature's Own Double Fiber Bread in our house. I eat Fiber One cereal with fruit for breakfast every morning.

    Reduce going out to only special occasions. No more "drive through because I can't make dinner". Dinner is no longer in a box or a can so I can make dinner if I just eat a big salad with Sunflower seeds, avocado, and lemon juice on it. The time and money it takes to sit in a McDonalds drive through is actually worse to do.

    No more eating for me after 8pm or before 6am. This one is a toughy as my hubby gets home at 8 or later and wants food when he walks through the door. So I make his food when I make mine and then just have him microwave it when he gets in.

    The only way I can keep myself from falling off the wagon is to create an environment that is truly healthy. I still do order Outback Chocolate Tall Cake if I go to Outback. But I have to eat it at the restaurant as I cannot bring home any junk food per my own rules. And I can't go out except if it is a special occasion per my own rules so that leaves me at maybe once a month.
    5079 days ago
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