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Diet related stress? Not really!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My SparkCoach has requested that I blog about this issue: "Have you struggled with stress or anxiety related to your weight-loss program or weigh-ins?"

My answer (at this time) would have to be no, I don't struggle with stress about my weight. And thinking about it, that's a pretty good place to be in. That is not to say I have my whole program totally under control - I don't. If I did I wouldn't be 3 pounds over my goal weight as we speak.

The difference between now and the last time I got to goal weight only to slowly regain all the pounds I'd lost is SparkPeople and my SparkFriends. SparkPeople has taught me to change my whole attitude about weight loss. I'm not on a diet and haven't been for some time now. Instead I've made healthy changes in my eating and drinking habits.

And my SparkFriends? They keep me ACCOUNTABLE!! After all, if I regain all the weight I'll not only be letting myself down, I'll be letting them down as well. And why WOULD I? SparkPeople gives me all the tools to keep my weight under control. Its just up to me to use them!!
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