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It sneaked upon me!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

What did! A year of maintaining weight!
I had no idea until I started to receive many congratulation messages via sparks members. What! How did that happen.! I really had not noticed a year had gone by. I have kept within .3 lbs of what I was a year ago.
It's habit now to eat how i like to eat, and exercise most days.
But I am being asked to say more on it to encourage others.
I am working on an alphabet of words and phrases that helped me.

A. Acceptance, it's not just going to happen by wishing it so I accepted that and worked out what would help me., I had to make a plan , I listed foods I could eat freely , yes there are some! I planned daily exercise. I am not young or very fit but I started with few minutes each day and worked up to 30 mins gradually .

B, Battle, Yes it is a battle and like all battles don't just happen but usually have a plan of campaign with a few contingency plans . I could enlist allies on my battle, a slimming group is one good supporter . Sparks teams are another great ally. For me writing things in a weight loss diary was another helper. We are all different so we all have to work at what will help us .

C. Calories, checks clubs, there are many Cs there to help, there is no one way that works for everyone. I have my own way , you can find yours .

I will work now on the next letters of the alphabet . We can't eat and write or type at the same time. Thank you to all who took time to offer congratulations , some say I am inspiring them , wow that is an ego boost. Thanks Irene
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