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Monday, December 16, 2013

Last week I had my second visit with my 'new' dietician. Yup, a year after my healthy dietician died suddenly and unexpectedly of a massive coronary... I am checking in with another. Asevidenced by last year's deaths of both my dietician and physical therapist, doing what is healthy and following sensible lifestyle plans does not necessary prevent ALL the bad or terminal issues. However, we must do our BEST... and be comfortable knowing that 'Que Sera, Sera' is more than a song when we have taken all precautions. If you don't believe that, you may not absorb all the benefits that the SP site offers, since the focus is not mere loss of weight, but is all about doing what we CAN do to be the best we can be.

Back to point. The dietician had agreed during the first monthly appointment that my 'issue' in losing weight is the frustrating and essential component we sometimes call exercise. I like to refer to this component as 'activity', however; after all, moving our parts is what counts here, and remaining or becoming active with our parts is quite often not what people think of as 'exercise' per se. Yup. "Activity" is the word I prefer for labeling this component of my plan.

Last week showed a monthly loss of several pounds. For some people the number is important, but frankly numbers don't matter to me for many reasons: overall progress does. So why mention the number? I do not FEEL the progress the numbers indicated last week. And my numbers on the scale go up during a day when I've not eaten. The only time numbers matter to me are when I go below a "0" digit and stay below it for more than a month... consistently. This view of scale numbers might not work for people who need to see steady pound-by-pound progress, but for those of us whose weight goes up and down without rhyme or reason during the course of a day or week, the slow and steay viewpoint assures us of fewer rollercoaster-emotion moments. If this strange notion fits you: consider trying to just focus on nutrition, activity and KNOWING you do what is right... because the results WILL follow. In their own time.

Yes, I'm losing pounds again after a long plateau. Sometimes one just keeps on doing what is right and waits for the results to catch up with reality.

When I read or hear that some friend or acquaintance is frustrated with how those scale numbers are depressing because they don't reflect all the efforts and changes being made to lose pounds, I think:
" emoticon "
Why? Because if we are honest in our efforts, our changes to healthy habits; if we are consistent in doing what is realistic and right.... our NSV's will accrue even if tucked deep inside where scale numbers cannot be measured... at first. Being a turtle has many benefits. By not alwys looking at the scale, we get to enjoy all the sights as we plod along in the right direction.

Lfe's too short to have tunnel vision.
Do what you love and is healthy.
ENJOY the journey.

My new dietician agrees. She recognizes that I'm a turtle in viewable progress, and is focussig on the nutrients in my nutrition insted of the pounds, but notes that the slow loss exists and is just fine for me. The validation feels pretty good, and really helps me when I'm tempted to compare my turtle pace to the quick results of people whose results are quicker from even fewer lifestyle changes.

Each of us is an individual.
Ditch the comparison.
Enjoy the moment, thrill over all the subtle improvements and NSV's that are soooo easy to overlook.

Hmmm.... I wonder how next month will look at the dietician's office? Another five pounds off? More? Less? Doesn't matter! I know I'm doing what is RIGHT. And that feels good... even though at times I get pretty frustrated that staying on track as I do just does not show up quickly in the mirror. In the long run? I feel GREAT about my progress.
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    Great post. We only can do what we can do I agree I should look at the scale less.
    2695 days ago
  • JAROL7
    Exercise ... find something you LOVE. For my wife and me, it's competative table tennis, 6-7 days a week. We finish and I hear her say, "L love this game!!!!" I'm the lowest weight of my adult life on Day#130.
    2700 days ago
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