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My Review of Coach Nicole's "28 Day BootCamp" DVD

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Friday, January 03, 2014

Coach Nicole’s “28 Day BootCamp DVD” (focus is on both cardio and strength) is a winner in my book. Now, that is Big Stuff coming from me. No, I’m not a super athlete in great shape needing Tough Challenges! Perish the thought! Yikes! In fact, my physical limits are downright frustrating to me because I want to do things that just are not possible anymore. Most exercise classes, plans and DVD's remind me of what I used to be able to do... Including the 'easy' Chair Yoga classes and Chi Flo for Seniors at the Y! Well, much to my surprise I love this DVD, find it USEABLE and !! know it can be enjoyed by the athletic folks too!

When I first considered looking at the DVD I didn’t expect I would relate to it much, but knew from almost seven years of observing Nicole’s methods that she just might suggest modifications that would make it possible for me to move along with some of the exercises she’s combined in the DVD. Mostly, I thought I would look at it and consider how useful it would be for OTHER people! But wow: she did (of course!) create a tape I can USE!! I LOVE IT! In fact… it was fun!

I watched everything, tried almost all exercises from beginning to end over a 3-day period. A modification of the full 28 Day workout will be possible for me at times at a slowed pace. Some movements in it are impossible for me, so at these times I modified, walked in place or repeated other movements until I could follow along again. Even though I wasn’t perfect, Nicole kept smiling and cheering me on. No “hey, stop being a pansy!” Just friendly encouragement. NICE. She suggested modifications that helped, which enabled me to do a good variety of movements. If I can say that, almost everyone can!

All options are clearly described in the index/menu: I would recommend exploring all options, especially if like me you tend to think “oh I could never…” Like everything on SparkPeople’s site, you can tailor what is on this DVD to your needs and abilities. And do NOT skip the “Bonus Features”! That’s where you’ll find the “seated Abs Exercises” and “Three Tricks to Burn More Fat” among other bonus sections! So do what you can as you can, following Nicole’s suggestions about things such as posture.

Nicole presents information and instructions in a clear, easy-to-understand manner and emphasizes we do what we CAN do; unlike other exercise ‘stars’ that I’ve seen, she knows what she is doing from both experience and formal education, is friendly (ok, so after almost 7 years I do think of the coaches as old pals though I've never met any of them!, so that should be factored in, yes?), conversational and lets me feel okay about doing my best even though it doesn’t measure up to anyone else’s ability level.

The quality of this DVD is excellent, beyond the fantastic choreography of movements right to organization and presentation format. Take a look at the list of credits! A lot of ‘background’ people worked to assemble a dynamic, versatile tape that is perfect for both my active athletic friends and this fibromyalgia- and arthritis-slowed person! Do note that the floor surface is a wooden floor, and I would guess that some exercises might be more dfficult if you do them on carpeting. Or adjusting what you wear on your feet. Until I can move better, this is not a problem for me. Sliding feet on carpeting wouldn't work for me in sneakers. Oh. that's right; they're called "athletic shoes" now, right?

Because the full 28 day plan is a bit out of reach for me at this time, I will do SOME of it on occasion. And will continue to TRY. Disability does not mean we should not keep reaching beyond what is currently doable when there is HOPE to go beyond as we strengthen ourselves! For consistency, though, my modification of how to use the tape is simplified:
I plan to focus on using three sections combined (with a few modifications…). Warm up, then Seated Abs Exercises”, and lastly Cool Down! This tape is now on my workout agenda! It can be used by almost anyone... and thefull 28 day boot camp is totally do-able for the majority of people! Got limits? View it and consider the modificaitons and shoot for all 28 days! Most exercises are standing exercises; while the chair portion is small in contrast to the entire DVD length, people who are wheelchair-bound can benefit from it. Do what you can. It is upbeat, positive.

Coach Nicole’s “28 Day Boot Camp DVD” is available at Walmart. Not only will members get 250 SparkPoints for buying the DVD, but also if you buy it before January 31st (2014), you’ll be entered to win a $500 Walmart gift card. Pretty nice as win-win scenarios, huh?!

I received this DVD for free from SparkPeople and did not receive any form of payment for my review.
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