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Thursday, January 09, 2014

I am doing what I can do.
And (grrrr...!) that is not nearly what I coul do 1.5 years ago.
"Things" keep getting in the way: my physical therapist dying was a biggie, but the fibromyalgia pain (worse now that I don't have pool time 3 days a week!) has a companion that's hard to work through: migraines. For the past 1.5-2 weeks I've felt lucky on the days when I 'only had a headache'. Don't remember having had this long a string of migraines, so I'll blame it on the weather! Yes, surely the weather is at fault here.

Exercising when you just want to burrow under the covers until warm weather (remember: I WAS born on GroundHog Day!) is truly difficult. But when you know you have a chronic pain, you also know that giving into the pain and allowing it to control you will magnify fustration. So. I always try to do SOMEthing as an activity!

When you are able to move your parts but feel 'unmotivated' you are dealing with a different game plan than when you are pushing through major hurdles. I'm not belittling lack of motivation, but stating hat it's a totally unlike playing field and cannot be compared. Well, it can, but that's not fair to anyone.

How do you exercise when moving your eyeballs hurts your whole head, your neck and you can FEEL your eye sockets? For one thng, you sure don't do a lot of movement. For me, this often means "time for isometrics"! You sit or stand and tense muscles one at a time. Tense. Hold. Slowly release. Top of head to the last of toes, only doing one side at a time. What's intersting about this particular method is that while it is good for the muscles in minute fashion, it is excellent stress relief. Stress relief exercises are fundamental to pain relief, so this particular isometric-of-slowest-type 'exercise' is a winner in my book. I reserve it for the worst of days but also do it periodically just to relieve stress, to relax.

On my bad days I use the motorized pedal exerciser, but only for the legs. I don't move at all, the machine does all the work... but the pedal action is a light 'exercise'. Note that sometimes I exercise and other times I 'exercise'.

It will be many months before I can resume my old regimen of stretching and exercising while holding dumbbells and I miss that form of movement! My orthopaedic doctor estimates that if I can be scheduled for arm surgery by June (not sure), then I still can't expect to be using weights for several months. Watching the 28-Day Boot Camp DVD gave me inspiration and I'm adding several things from the tape into my waiting-for-surgery exercise routine, but am already planning for 2015 to be a major push once the doc clears me for it.

So I'm doing what I can do, know that I'll eventually be able to do so much more!
And. My plan for that time is ready, but I'm not sitting still waiting!
If all one can move is a pinkie, then one should MOVE that pinkie!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm so sorry your in pain.
    2661 days ago
    Really sorry to hear that the cold is not letting
    you do any exercise. Hope it warms up soon.
    Hang in there and I hope the migraines go away.
    2674 days ago
    Ugh! You have my deepest sympathies...I always shudder to consider how I might deal with any debilitating condition or illness that would keep me from working out or otherwise enjoying my body and greatly admire those who prevail through such setbacks. I just know I would be a horribly grumpy patient...lol!

    Hang in there, hoping for better days soon...and yes, I DID have one of those bitter cold days where I PRAYED our agency would close so I could pull the covers over my head and sleep the day away. Sigh, but it was not to be. And heck once I was at work I might as well get my bang for the buck and head to the fitness center...! :-)

    2675 days ago
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