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Ditch cable? You are kidding, right?!?

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Yes! I did it!!

For well over 2 months I considered ditching cable tv, going back and forth with thoughts like "I waste so much time watching tv shows that don't even really interest me!" to "...oh, but how I love this and that show/channel that is only available on cable..."

Last week I disconnected the cable, then ordered the service to be turned off. Why in that order? Because I first assured that with my new indoor antenna I can receive a few - and I mean a FEW! - channels. Guess what?

I'm not missing cable at all!

My radio plays music - either on the radio itself or by using cassettes or cds - much of the time these days. My overall mood has improved a LOT, too! How odd that I believed winter would be the worst time to make such a switch... and then discover that that tv was more of a downer than the horrid winter weather! (Um, ok my seasonal preference is obvious, huh? lol)

If I really want to watch a cable-only show I can go downstairs into the "community" living rooms of my apartment building where everything I want is on a tv no one hardly ever watches! That, incidentally, would add just over 500 steps to my day on the pedometer, so I probably SHOULD consider watching a bit of cable tv down there on a day when my step-count is low! (Here note that I go downstairs nights to walk the halls for indoor walks in winter.)

Lifestyle change and switching of habits encompasses so many alterations! Our methods, goals and accomplishments are as varied as our situations and challenges. Some people run 5K's; some join gyms; some try to ignore fast food at lunch time. And... I ditched cable. For someone who spends most of her time at home, this is a huge change in lifestyle. A very positive one, as this week has revealed!

Music perks up my day. I'm reading more, somehow feeling more interested in exploring 'better' books and music too. Did all that tv (which was 'on' even when not being watched!) dull my mind that much that it diminished my interests!? Am beginning to suspect it did. Ditching cable was an unlikely concept at the beginning, and as the idea grew and became a true consideration I knew it would be a huge change in lifestyle. The tv was my companion. I have for over 20 years used it to fill time which I wished I could fill with employment. Disability creates that void, you know: time without purpose. And the tv sort of dulled that loss of enjoying feeling productive.

I cannot do so many things I used to enjoy, which is why my health-quest journey here includes exploring options and potential avenues for change. This is the driving force behind the many reasons I took the plunge to ditch cable tv ... And... Turns out it's also a very pleasant change, too! My focus is on what I can do, not on what others do that is impossible for me. And that, my friends, is very healthy indeed. How do I know? Because I can feel the improvement.

How would your life change if you ditched your cable (or tossed some other comparable time-use feature in your life)?? Might just surprise you if you took the plunge!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I couldn't do it but I definitely need to cut back.
    2638 days ago
    I watch next to no tv...but unfortunately others in the home DO, otherwise I'd happily do without. Music and internet more than occupy my time! :-)

    2644 days ago
    LOVE this- we are considering it, too.
    We hardly watch any tv!
    2645 days ago
    I got rid of my cable in August 2009. I figured most of the shows that I really wanted to watch, I could get over the internet. I don't miss it. Now, 3 months ago, I did get Netflix, but it's only $8/month as opposed to the $60/month I was paying for cable. And I don't watch Netflix nearly as much as I used to have the tv on. I read more, listen to music more, knit more. It's a win-win. :D
    2645 days ago
    Welcome to the club Sam. I have not had TV since
    May and I love it. The reading and listening to
    the radio really more than make up for it. When I go
    to visit someone and they have the TV on, I will
    watch but when all those dreaded commercials come
    on, that's when I realise why I don't miss it.

    The idea to take steps to go the community living
    rooms is great. A good incentive. You will also save
    some money. Enjoy your Sunday. How are you coping
    with all the cold, freezing weather? Hope you are good.
    2645 days ago
  • no profile photo ANGELSMOKEY
    I couldn't do it! But you will save a lot of money!
    2646 days ago
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