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'Found a Local p.t. pool'!!! plus 'Shoulders Need Exercise, too'!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

MY POOL TIME - resuming near home!!

Pool exercise in warm water was my lifeline to normalcy from August, 1994 til September, 2012. If you've known me a while, you've read previous frustrations over losing 'my pool time' when my p.t. died and her offices with the p.t. warm-water pool closed 1.5 years ago.

I called local p.t.'s with therapy pools; at that time, none had a monthly plan for people needing regular pool therapy for 'health maintenance' to keep chronic conditions stabilized. Insurance would cover their part, but co-pays add up terribly, so my only option was to drive to a Physical Rehabilition hospital's pool...which is an hour away from my home. I tried continuing my other exercises without the support of the pool and kept getting worse pains. My fibromyalgia and arthritis problems progressively worsened. I kept exercising, but at slower paces and decreasing the ability levels all the time because I just couldn't do things.

Last spring I was so desperate to feel better that I began to drive once a week for an hour down and an hour back to get to that pool... until late November. The long drive negated some of the benefits, but the two hours in the water every week was worth the time and trouble. Since late November I have been unable to make the trip down to the due to winter temperatures and my worsened pain levels. I'd tried to wait until warmer weather to return to that pool, but right now I'm sort of a mess and felt desperate to find a local pool where I could get at least 1 or 2 exercise sessions a month. So...

Today I bit the bullet and called a local p.t. office that has a 92-94 degree p.t. pool. (anything under 90 degrees puts my muscles in spasm) Turns out that they have a plan that is affordable. The monthly cost for 3 independent (no therapist) sessions a week is about what I spend on gas to drive 50 miles to the pool I used in good weather! So. I am linking up to a pool that is less than 1/2 mile from my door!

I'm grabbing onto my lifeline again! emoticon emoticon emoticon



Who thinks of shoulders?!? I did my stretches, my exercises with weights (ok, to ME a two-pound weight IS weight!)... and thought my shoulders were one of the few parts of me that were okay. Not so! Turns out that shoulder injuries increase as we 'get older', according to my ortho-dude. (Is he hinting that I'm, gulp, 'aging'???) And like lots of other allegedly 'aging' people, I have a nonathletically-induced rotator cuff tear that requires surgery. Sheesh. How pathetic is THAT?! Shouldn't I have a good tale to tell? Like... "oh, it happened when I pulled 5 unconscious people from a car that was dangling perilously off a cliff overlooking a deep ravine..." But oh no. Apparently, I'm just...um... you know: aging. Sheesh.

If you can't come up with a good tale, start strengthening your shoulders!

Have been doing arm exercises to prepare for surgery. which are a good idea for anyone... even if you think your shoulders are 'just fine'. After all, mine were, right??!!?? Don't wait until some doctor 'kindly' and 'sympathetically' assures you that your pain is from something caused by becoming an antique! Just like all other healthy habits, exercising the shoulders is a wise thing to do! (Unless you do have a good imagination and want to tell your exotic story!)

Here are some exercises to strengthen muscles around the shoulders. While they are recommended for pre-surgery, I do think it wise to do them to AVOID surgery too!:

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    Great idea I will have to start.
    2638 days ago
    Congrats on your return to the pool! Love water...have fond memories of living only a few blocks from Lake Michigan during my middle school years.

    I'm always doing upper body ST...hope my shoulders are doing okay...SEEMS like they are...will check out your link though...thx!

    2643 days ago
    Sam, I'm so happy for you that you will be able
    to go to the pool close to your home. Fantastic!
    Thanks for the shoulder exercises. emoticon
    2643 days ago
  • STONE815
    I love water aerobics and have found a pool that has classes 4 mornings a week for retires. My friend and I go for an hour or two most every day. I am lucky and don't have any problems but the classes really get my blood flowing.

    Hope your time there will help with your health problems.

    2643 days ago
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