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All movement is exercise

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Refering to 'activity' or 'movement' instead of using the work 'exercise' emphazes that all movement IS exercise. We don't have to plan it, don't have to buy anything to move. And moving our parts is important for health.

Never hesitate to move... in whatever way you can that you like. And never downgrade your own activities because your friends are incredibly and energetically involved in multiple sports. We do what we can, we put our soul into enjoying it... and should take pride in every accomplishment!

Soon I'll be back in a warm pool for exercise. One important part of my 'routine' is ... walking in water. At one point it hurt terribly to slowly walk through the water; I worked up to a jog! Every level burned calories and I look forward to my slow start to get back into my routine.

I'm a strong advocate of aquadicexercise of any form. Even if it is 'only' walking!

To give you an idea of how even mere walking in water burns calories:
Check this article:

Moving our parts comes in all levels; fast or slow in pace; simple or complex preparations and equipment; this part, that part or most parts. We've got tons of options! Even if all we can move is a pinkie or toe, we can 'activate'! the parts we can move.

Did you activate your parts today?
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